VU Premium 4K TV Launched in India – Price and Specifications

vu premium 4k tv
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After the successful run with VU Cinema TV, Vu Launched the Vu Premium 4K TVs in India. The price starts at as low as Rs 24,999 for these premium 4K TVs.

Today, at an event in Banglore the Indian Television brands Vu launched its Vu Premium 4K TV that can set the standard for the next couple of months. Nowadays technology is changing very rapidly that we can’t promise anything for years. It’s very much possible that we will have something new to replace these products. So, after the Vu Premium 4k TV being launched in India now, we have more competition in the television market. So here we have Vu Premium 4K TV Price and Specifications.

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VU Premium 4K TV Launched in India

Price and Availability

So, there are three variants with different sizes being 43-inches, 50-inches, and 55-inches. The prices set for these models are Rs 25,000, Rs 28,000, and Rs 32,000 respectively. And, they haven’t mentioned the date but these televisions will go on sale via Flipkart. So, you can check the Flipkart to buy these televisions.


vu premium 4k tv

  • The televisions are in 4k and have ultra HD resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. It has a brightness of 400 nits.
  • Last time we saw something called Pixelium Glass Technology that enhances the resolution of these TVs and that was used again here in these TVs too. This enhances the brightness level without increasing electricity consumption.
  • The operating system running inside is the AndroidTV 9 Pie.
  • There is support for HDR and Dolby Vision in all these televisions.
  • There is a sound output of 30W that produces enough sound for the televisions and combined with the Dolby Audio gives an amazing feel.
  • It supports OTT Platforms like Youtube, Prime Video, Netflix, etc and then you can add your favorite features. And, one more good feature is that you get dedicated buttons on remote for these popular apps.
  • You get built it Chromecast and screen mirroring options. Then there is support for the Google Assistant.


So, this is a very similar lineup as Vu Cinema TV Launched in January. But, these are a bit affordable. There is a change in design and sound output. Cinema TV had 40W of speakers but this VU Premium 4K TV has only 30W of speakers. One more thing that you can add is that these are on Flipkart while the former was on Amazon.

What we can say is Vu is doing great in the budget television market in India. Premium Television brands like Samsung, LG, Sony are not giving quality products in the affordable segment and Vu is dominating this segment with its products. These televisions are the new products in the Vu lineup. So, if you are looking to buy a new TV then keep these TVs in your mind.

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