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Video Editing PC Build under 30000 Rupees 2019

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Video Editing PC Build under 30000 rupees with AMD Ryzen 5 2400G CPU, 8GB Ram, super fast SSD, and a good looking cabinet and the specs that will make your Video Editing smooth and easy. So here we are with the Video Editing PC Build under 30000 rupees in India 2019 edition.

Buying a Computer or Laptop is very difficult but here we are to guide you to help you build a Video Editing PC Build under 30000 rupees in 2019. Last time we did a post on Best Laptops under 30000 rupees in India. And if you are one is looking for something powerful in the same budget you can go for a Desktop instead of Laptop but you have your own pros and cons with both the options. So let’s just do a quick comparison of Laptop and desktop.

Laptop vs Desktop

  • Laptops are lightweight and compact and the main thing is you can place them on top of the lap but as the name suggests Desktop has to be placed on a desk and is heavy and fixed at one place.
  • You can travel with the lightweight laptop and do your stuff on the go but desktops are not meant to be traveled with.
  • Laptops work with rechargeable batteries so you don’t need electricity to keep it working but you have to recharge it again and again.
  • Desktops cannot work on battery because they need a higher battery and for that, you have to invest in bigger batteries if you want to keep your computer on even if power shuts.
  • But something great is that Desktops are far more powerful than Laptops ever could be. There are powerful laptops but not as powerful as desktops. And desktops are comparatively cheap.
  • If you are a gamer then you may want a Gaming laptop but there is no real term like Gaming laptop because you cannot place those Gaming laptops on your lap. So, prefer a Gaming computer.

Enough about this Laptop and Desktop philosophy let us come to Video Editing PC Build under 30000 rupees.

So, let’s make it clear that we are not building a Gaming PC but a  PC for productive work like video editing and photo editing. But you can customize it as a Gaming PC by adding a decent Graphic card.

Video Editing PC Build under 30000 Rupees

Processor – AMD Ryzen 5 2400G APU

video editing pc build under 30000 rupees

The processor is the main component of your PC and we chose an APU from AMD Ryzen series. There are a lot of points to consider this as we are not adding a  graphics card and this would work fine with the integrated graphics named as Radeon Vega 11 and goes up to 3.9 GHz with max boost. The Ryzen 5 has 4 cores and 8 threads which are beneficial for video editing and rendering. Also, this costs around Rs 12000 to 13000 in India on Amazon but if you try it offline you can get it for somewhere around Rs 12,000. The exceptional thing is that it comes with a CPU cooler in the box itself.

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MotherBoard – Asus A320M Gaming

video editing pc build under 30000 rupees

This motherboard goes on sale on Amazon for around Rs 5500 and the offline prices start from Rs 4500. It is very much compatible with AMD processors. There is Aura Sync and updated BIOS. The ports are 1x PCIe 3.0, 1xPCIe 2.0, 1xM.2 socket etc.


Ram – Kingston 8GB DDR4

video editing pc build under 30000 rupees

We added an 8GB DDR4 Ram from Kingston with 2400 MHz. This is enough for the Build initially to run most of the software. But we will upgrade the Ram in future making it to 16GB. Online price on Amazon is Rs 4500 but we got it for Rs 4000 in the offline market.


Storage – Kingston 240GB SSD

For, storage, we are not adding a hard drive for the speed factor. Most of the people ignore the storage speed but it is quite important and matters especially when it comes to Video Editing. Considering the tight budget of Rs 30,000, a fast SSD of 240GB would work fine. To get more storage, you can add an HDD if you want. We got this SSD for Rs 2500.


Cabinet – iBall Arnold

We have not spent a lot of money into Cabinet because it is to cover up your PC but you can change it later if you want. This is a basic Cabinet from iBall called Arnold Gaming cabinet which may cost somewhere around 3000 but we got it for Rs 2000 and thankfully it comes along with the SMPS. So, we saved a lot of money here.



  • AMD Ryzen 5 2400G – Rs12000
  • Asus A320M Motherboard – Rs 4500
  • Kingston 8GB DDR4 Ram – Rs 4000
  • Kinston 240GB SSD – Rs 2500
  • iBall Arnold Cabinet – Rs 2000

All this totals to Rs 25,000 and we have Rs 5000 left to buy a monitor. So, you have your Video Editing PC Build under 30000 rupees including Monitor.


Our Video Editing PC Build under 30000 rupees in India is ready and you can start working on it. All you have to do is combine all these components and if you buy components offline, they may give you an assembled computer. We have a powerful Ryzen 5 CPU and a motherboard from Asus compatible to it along with fast storage and 8GB Ram.

Since now you have all the components ready start building your computer and monitor. We have a few monitors from HP and dell available on Amazon for Rs 5000.

If you need any kind of help or assistance, you can comment below or ask us via email – mai.gadgetstoknow@gmail.com

Also, if you want these components offline from the place we got it, drop us an email.

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