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10 Things you Should not do on Internet

things you should not do on internet
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With the increasing Data Usage in India, people are trying to do things that you cannot imagine. We all use the Internet and try to explore anything we want but we should not do a few things online. What to do on Internet and things you should not do on Internet.

So, Hey! welcome back guys my name is Nirmal and you are here on gadgets To Know and here are a few things that you should not do on the Internet. No matter what the situation is but these things you should not do on Internet.

Here are 10 Things you should not do on Internet:

Things you should not do on Internet

Http vs https

We browse a lot of websites on the Internet but the first thing that I notice is if the website has SSL Certification. And, how I do that is by checking the URL. Whenever you visit any website on the Internet just check if it has HTTP or https. You can visit a website with HTTPS only without the S at the end but make sure that you are not submitting any information to such websites.

Facebook Viral Apps

things you should not do on internet

One thing that I always notice whenever I log in to Facebook. And mostly I don’t use facebook but whenever I do, there are a lot of posts saying HOW WOULD YOU LOOK AFTER 10 YEARS, WHICH CELEBRITY YOU LOOK LIKE? I mean this is all bulshit and people don’t understand this. These kinds of Viral Apps need you to allow all your Facebook Data and they can manipulate it. You don’t understand this but you are giving your personal information to some unknown people may be hackers. So, please understand this and stop sharing such posts.

Browsing Adult Content

Whether you accept it or not but most of the data people spend is on browsing adult websites. Thankfully the TRAI nad Jio has put a ban on such practice but still, there are ways to do it. You think like if you go incognito you are safe but you aren’t. These Adult websites keep your data and show you such ads that you can click knowingly or unknowingly. This is one thing that you should not do on the internet.

Using the Same Password again and again

Nowadays every website asks you to log in and to log in you have to create a password. Creating a password is not data all a problem but the problem is to remember that password. So what we do is use the same password again and again. But this can lead you to a disastrous problem. Because imagine f any of your accounts is hacked, hackers will have access to all your accounts on any website because you have used the same password everywhere. So make sure that you differentiate your passwords some way or the other. Internet could be very dangerous and these are things you should not do on Internet.

Use Two-factor Authentication

things you should not do on internet

Always enable two-factor authentication on all your website’s like Google, Facebook, Whatsapp because these are the sites that you use more often. This will give you added security on the Internet.

Don’t share your Live Location

We have the habit of sharing our live location on Internet but imagine if someone is following you. You never know what is there for you but all you can do is be alert. Make sure that you are not sharing your Live Location online..

Don’t Use Free Public Wi-fi

We have this habit of connecting to free Wi-fi. What happens is people allow you to use free wi-fi but they access your data. So, why give your personal information to others just for the sake of free Wi-Fi.

Don’t trust Dating Apps

Teenage people easily trust Dating apps but they don’t understand that there might be someone in the back you don’t know. Some terror organizations target teenage boys and girls with some attractive pictures and somehow they will harm you. I am not saying that you should not use Dating Apps but be careful with these possibilities.

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Don’t Share Intimate Pictures

I have seen a lot of people sharing intimate pictures especially girls on Instagram. There isn’t any big problem with this but you never know who is your friend and who isn’t. You should be careful with what are you posting online and wh is seeing you. This is one of the things you should not do on Internet majorly.

Always Log Out

things you should not do on internet

I am not asking you to log out from your own devices but if you ever log in to a device who is used by someone else too. Then in this kind of situation, you should always log out from that device. Sometimes what happens is we log in to some unknown phone or computer may be just to check our emails but if you forget to log out this can land you in a very serious issue. So always remember to log out. This is on top of the things you should not do on the Internet.

These are a few things you should not do on the Internet. Now you might ask What to do on the Internet? You can do whatever you want but these things you should not do on the Internet. These may land you in some dangerous situations that are why we are warning you not to do on the Internet.

What ate the things that you always do on the Internet and anything that lead to some serious issues?


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