The Qin AI : Feature Phone Killer?

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Feature phones were normal candy bar sized with T9 or qwerty keypad. There was nothing extraordinary that you could do with a feature phone. We could do the ordinary task such as calling sending text and playing some casual games on it and somewhat photography. But jio changed the landscape of the feature phone market arrived in India which was named as the jio phone. Jio phone changed the way we treat or use our feature phones. Recent report has shown that jio phone has covered 27% of the market share in the feature phone market in India. This is a huge achievement for a company which is just more than 2 years old. Jio as a company has made inroads in the market of India. The jio phone was an all-out success which has led to the successor of the jio phone the jio phone 2.

A 2G phone was a great feature phone and the jio phone 2 would be good as well but jio phone has created a Monopoly in the feature phone industry of India. Which means it hasn’t faced any proper competition yet. There were some phones from some brands here and there but no brand prove to be a viable competitor to the jio phone. As proclaimed by Xiaomi India’s number one brand has decided to give competition to the jio phone with its latest offering the Xiaomi Qin AI.

Qin AI Specifications

The Qin AI sports a 2.8-inch QVGA display with the resolution of 320 ×240 pixels. It has a T9 keyboard. It is powered by a 1.3 gigahertz dual-core processor which is supported by 256 MB of Ram and 512 GB of internal storage which is expandable via micro SD. The device will run a forked version of the Android operating system, Mocor 5, it is backed by a 1,480mAh battery.  Qin AI phone doesn’t feature a front or rear camera. Connectivity tools on the phone include Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi and GPS. It has USB Type C which is quite unique for a feature phone. It also has a 3.5 mm jack.

Price and availability

The Qin AI phone is the latest part of Xiaomi’s crowdfunding campaign. The phone is available in black and white color options and is set to ship from the 15th of September. It has been listed at a price of 199 Yuan which converts to Rs. 1,999. The phone is available in China only and there is no word buy Xiaomi on whether this phone would come to India or not.

Jio Phone Vs. Qin Ai Phone

The direct competitor to the Qin Ai is the well renowned and famous jio phone. While the Qin AI may have Jio phone’s number in terms of software as its running on Android rather than KAI OS. This allows you to install third-party APK’s which means you might get support for all major Android apps in the Qin AI. The jio phone has a quite shallow number of apps which you can use it as compared to the wider range of Android. But the thing that bugs the most is that the Qin AI does not have cameras other on the rear nor on the front. This was a very surprising step taken by Xiaomi as it is renowned to package phones with a lot of features but this phone doesn’t have the basic necessity of a camera.

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The Qin AI was something that we never saw coming. This is a competition which is highly awaited as India’s number one smartphone brand needs India’s beloved Jio. The date when the Qin AI phone would be launched is the same as the highly awaited MI mix 3 ( 15th September). It remains to be seen that can Xiaomi tackle the jio phone. So let’s wait till we get our hands on the Qin AI. As mentioned above this phone is currently available only in China and will ship from 15th of September and it remains to be seen that if or when this phone comes to India. We may get some clarity from Xiaomi on August 8th when did new smartphone the MI A2 will be launched.

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