The biggest festival of India Diwali is around the corner now but still, you didn’t plan anything to gift her, Right/ Yes, that is why you are here to look the best gadgets to gift her. Don’t worry! You got the right thing you are looking for. Here are the best gadgets to gift her this Diwali in 2018. You can also consider these gadgets to gift her and by her, we mean your sister too. Here are some cool smartphone gadgets and gadgets to gift her too.

Digital Gifts – Gadgets to Gifts her 2018

This is one of the best option available for you to gift. A digital gadget could be a gift card, a paid membership, or anything like that giving a digital product (e-book, game, music, course etc.)

A Gift Card

gadgets to gift her

You can gift an Amazon gift card worth any amount is just equivalent of gifting cash. This saves your time in deciding what to gift as she can actually buy whatever she wants. She can shop with the gift voucher for any product from Amazon.

Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon rules the e-commerce industry and now they have amazon prime which gives you entry to the entertainment world. The Amazon prime does not only gives you entertainment option but also prime options in Amazon shopping. This could be one of the best options to gift prime membership in Amazon worth Rs 999 a year.

Wearable Gadgets to Gift her

Lenovo HX03 Cardio Smartband

gadgets to gift her

The smart band costs Rs 2000 but its totally worth it. It gives you the option of heart rate monitoring which lacks almost every tracker in this segment. the Lenovo band also give you the IP68 rating, sleep monitoring, and your workout tracking. This stands to be the best smart band and one of the best gadgets to gift her if she is into fitness and stuff.

Buy Lenovo HX03 Cardio Smartband for Rs 1999

Fossil Q Venture Smartwatch

gadgets to gift her

This one is a bit premium but worth every penny. Fossil Q Venture has way more attractive design and a lot of features with the Wear OS. You get features like fitness tracking, notifications mirroring, calendar alerts etc. and also access to a lot of Android apps. This will definitely surprise her with its design and its rich features.

Buy Fossil Q Venture for Rs 19999

Smart Speakers and Streaming Devices – gadgets to gift her 2018

Google Home Mini

gadgets to gift her

Google Home is the one device that totally makes your life easy using the Google Assistant. The voice command is all you have to do and that does your job. With the voice control, you can ask questions, play music, set reminders and stuff like that. You can connect it to your Android Phone and that gives you more options. There are also a few color options available to you like Red, Grey( dark and light both)

Amazon Echo Dot

gadgets to gift her

This is also the same product as Google Home but instead of Google Assistant, it uses Alexa. Echo Dot also gives you similar features like asking questions, music etc. The Alexa gives you personal experience as with the time you use it with your preferences. It gives you multi-room music if you have more than one device and feature of noise cancellation with your calls. This could be a perfect gift for your sister.

Buy Echo Dot for Rs 4000

Google Chrome cast or Amazon Fire TV Stick

gadgets to gift her

These are both similar kind of devices with similar functions. A major difference is that you get a remote with the Fire TV Stick whereas there is no such function in Chromecast. You also get Youtube app in Chromecast which lacks in Amazon Fire Tv. these devices are very attractive and stand a good chance to be gifted as considered among one of the best gadgets to gift her.

Smartphones – Gadgets to Gift Her 2018

You can consider these smartphones in the list of best gadgets to gift her if you have the budget:

Realme 2 Pro

gadgets to gift her

Realme 2 Pro is one of the best gadgets to gift her if you want to gift a smartphone in the very budget segment. This phone has definitely one of the best looks and design. It has a camera that most of the smartphones lack and a powerful processor. Definitely, you can consider Realme 2 Pro one of the best smartphones in the list of best gadgets to gift her.

Realme 1

gadgets to gift her

Realme 1 is one of the best-looking smartphones in the price segment of Rs 10000. After Realme 2 Pro you can consider its predecessor to gift her. It has a beautiful design and a powerful hardware running inside making it a perfect gift that you can give her. There is helio p60 running inside.

Buy realme 1 for Rs 9999

Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

Asus Zenfone max pro M1 is the best device in the budget segment with powerful Snapdragon 636 inside and a massive 5000 mah battery. This stands a good chance in gadgets to gift her this Diwali having quite good cameras and stock Android UI. The basic variant costs you only Rs 10999

Mi A2

gadgets to gift her

Mi A2 is also one of the best smartphones with the best cameras. This one runs on stock Android under Google’s Android One Program. Xiaomi Mi A2 is available only on flash sales so you have to check Amazon every now and then. The powerful Snapdragon 660 makes it even more special.

OnePlus 6gadgets to gift her

oneplus company
OnePlus Phones Mega


OnePlus 6 is the best flagship device available in terms of design, camera, or performance. But for this, your budget needs to be above Rs 30000 as the device costs you Rs 35000. This one is referred to as “flagship killer” in the industry. Gift the OnePlus 6 and surprise her. And now in the festive season sales are going on so the prices are dropped. This may be permanent drop as the new OnePlus 6T is about to launch in two days. But this is definitely one of the best gadgets to gift her.

Buy Oneplus 6 for Rs 30000

Apple iPhone Xgadgets to gift her

Everyone loves iPhone, there is no other way to surprise her but make sure you do not sell your kidney for this. Only if you have the budget iPhone X is the option everyone knows and stands best. It has the best design and the best cameras in the market. Or you can buy the new range of iPhones launched this year.

Buy Apple iPhone X for Rs 74000

Mobile Essentialsgadgets to gift her

Smartphones are not the products that everyone gifts but here are a few accessories that you can gift. Smartphone essentials and accessories stand a good chance to be gifted. Products like headphones, Speakers, power banks etc.

Buy Mi Power Bank 2i for Rs 799

Buy BASU eAlarm for Rs 899

You can Buy JBL T205BT Bluetooth Headset for Rs 2000

These are a few of our suggestions for you if you are looking for gadgets to gift her this Diwali. You can consider a smartphone if you want to make a big impression and we do recommend to buy a beautiful Case together with the phone. Or you can buy earphones and accessories adding some value to her life. Frankly speaking, the best gadget to gift her is a Gift Card using which she can actually shop.

So, which gadget you decided to gift her?

We all love smartphones and gadgets or smartphone gadgets Right? Here are 6 cool smartphone gadgets available in Amazon India. These are very useful smartphone gadgets and gadgets to know presents you with these gadgets. Gadgets to know before you die are some cool smartphone gadgets at a very cheap rate. If you like shopping it shall be your regular habit of visiting the website like Amazon. We also request you to visit Gadgets to know, our website. These are gadgets you need to know and gadgets that matter.

1. Screen Cleaner

cool smartphone gadgets

We usually touch our smartphone screens with rough hands and we see smudged right? This happens not only with smartphones but gadgets like laptop, tablet, television, monitor etc. Every gadget having screen faces the same problem. We have these cool smartphone gadgets that will clean up your screen within a second and you will love it. It has a spray inside which cleans it and then just clear it with cleaner itself. This will definitely solve your problem and your phone will look like you just bought it. This also makes your phone screen work faster.
Buy it now from Amazon for Rs 245 – BUY NOW

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2. Universal External Lens

cool smartphone gadgets

This gadget is specially designed for your smartphone and you need to know about this. If you love taking pictures on your smartphone, this smartphone gadgets is definitely going to change your life. This is the ultimate gadget you need to buy before dying. This is a universal lens that will connect to your smartphone and any smartphone. Then you can take pictures as good as with DSLR camera. There are a lot of lenses available out there that connect to your smartphone and make it a DSLR. You also have a wide angle lens that will increase your field of view. This will do your job if you do vlogging on a smartphone. This smartphone gadget is really good and check it out once.

Buy now for Rs 399 – BUY NOW

3. Hybrid Sim tool – a cool smartphone gadget

cool smartphone gadgets

This is a smartphone gadget necessary for every one who uses two sim cards on a phone and needs to connect s Memory card. Yes, it is possible, you can connect a memory card alongside your two sim cards on a hybrid sim smartphone. The problem is most of the smartphones nowadays have Hybrid Sim Card slot where you can put in two nano Sim or a Nano Sim and an SD card. But if you have limited storage then only one Sim card option is there for you or you have to buy another phone to use the other Sim card. But if you use this smartphone gadget, your problem is solved. You just have to place it in the back of your Sim tray where you shall put in your Sim cards both. Then you can connect the SD card from outside and enjoy your media together with two Sim Cards already there.

Buy now for Rs 90 – BUY NOW

4. Shining Shoes

cool smartphone gadgets

There is a saying that people first look at your shoes before your face. Is it right? Well, you can make people keep looking at your shoes with this smartphone gadget. Well, this isn’t a smartphone gadget. It’s a shoe gadget. What? Yes? These are shoelaces with shining LED on them and make your shoes shine. You just put in these laces on your shoes and go to parties. Especially in the night, of course in the night, how else will this shine? You can grab the attention of everyone with this cool gadget available on Amazon.

Buy now for Rs 399 – BUY NOW

5. All in One OTG adapter

cool smartphone gadgets

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Sometimes you ask someone holding DSLR to click your pictures but you just forget to get them from him. Well, there is a cool smartphone gadget on Amazon which will solve your problem and you will absolutely love it. This is the cool gadget which acts as an OTG adapter that connects with your smartphone and your computer too. Yes, you can connect it to both of your devices smartphone and PC. But why would you do that? Well, you can connect camera’s SD card and you MicroSD card both in this coll smartphone gadget and also a pen drive too. Surprised, isn’t it? This costs only a few bucks and being so useful.

Buy now for Rs 399 – BUY NOW

6. Lapel Mic

cool smartphone gadgets

If you love video calling or you like making videos or you want to sing, but confused how to record your audio. Well! Your smartphone can record good audio but when you do video recording the audio part records a lot of noise. This is a cool smartphone gadget you are absolutely going to love it and it costs only a few rupees. Its a lapel mic that you can hold on your collar with a clip attached and it will plug into your 3.5mm headphone jack. Sorry if you do not have the headphone jack on your phone. But this microphone will definitely enhance the audio quality and it gives the quality as to professional microphones. If you have your youtube channel and want a mic do have a test on this.

Buy now for Rs 168 – BUY NOW

7. Audio Splitter

cool smartphone gadgets

If you are listening to music with your buddy on the same earphone with one year, you don’t need to know. We are not asking you to separate with your buddy but we have a cool gadget for you. This is the headphone jack splitter. You just need to connect this to your headphone jack and again sorry if you don’t have the headphone jack, and now you can connect to headphones/earphones/speakers. And you can also connect a headphone and a speaker with this cool smartphone gadget. Both the outputs will produce the same audio using this splitter. You can get it for Rs 20/30 in stores near your place. Cool! isn’t it?

Buy now for Rs 199 – BUY NOW