PUBG Mobile – 12 Years old Boy Stole Rs 3 Lakhs to Play PUBG with his friends

12 years old boy stole rs 3 lakhs
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Yes, you heard it right this is very serious against the PUBG Mobile. A 12 Years Old Boy stole Rs 3 Lakhs from his parents just to play PUBG Mobile with his friends.

This is a very recent case that occurred in Gujrat’s Kutchh where a 12 years old boy stole Rs 3 Lakhs from his parents. The fact of the matter is that the boy is only 12 years old. And, all he did is just to play an online game with his friends. We can understand it because of the popularity of the game but lets first understand what exactly happened. Here are the highlights of the case:

  • A 12 Years Old Boy Stole Rs 3 Lakhs
  • The boy in Police Custody
  • Rs 3 Lakhs Stolen to Play PUBG Mobile

What exactly happened?

So, the parents of this 12 years old boy got suspicious when some cash was missing from their cupboard. They are middle-class parents running a Grocery Shop in the Kutchh District of Gujrat. And, Rs 3 Lakhs is a huge amount for anyone in the middle class.

So, when they had suspicion on their child they started keeping a watch on him. And, one night they caught him red-handed. Then the boy confessed that he stole all the money but why exactly?

pubg mobile 12 years old boy stole rs 3 lakhs cash

The boy confessed that he was frustrated after losing a couple of online games with his friends. So, he decided to buy expensive phones for all of his friends and to do that he needed money. So, to buy these expensive phones the 12 years old boy stole Rs 3 Lakhs from his parent’s cupboard. The irony of the situation is that the parents of his friends had no objection when their children are using expensive phones.

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Action on 12 Years Old Boy Stole Rs 3 Lakhs from Parents

The whole matter got the attention of the local police and the case was filed. The Police decided to take the action on the children considering the fact that all the involved are minors. And, it’s important that they get punished properly as stealing at such a young age would make them criminals one day. And, more important it’s necessary that they understand their crime.

PUBG Mobile is just a game and they need to understand their offense just to play a game. The children could have requested his parents for a new phone. And, one more thing they need to understand is that PUBG is very addictive for children.

Recently we have seen a case of a guy in Pimpri Pune where he had a stroke in his brain. He was taken to the hospital immediately but died later on. After post-mature, it was reported that he got too excited for the game and that led to internal bleeding in his brain. He got a stroke and then died.

We need to understand that PUBG Mobile is just a game and it has to be played with control over our emotions. Kids are losing their senses by playing this game. You as a parent need to limit the time of gaming on mobile. You should encourage your child to play on the ground more than with his phone.

The case of 12 Years old bot stole Rs 3 Lakhs is heartbreaking at some time shocking as well. We don’t know how far this generation can go? If you are a parent then make sure that your child id spending more time with you than with his phone.

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