OnePlus 6T Cons – 6 Problems with OnePlus 6t

oneplus 6t problems
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Now since we have the OnePlus 6T officially launched, we can discuss OnePlus 6T Cons. As everything about the phone was already leaked except the price but now its all official.

No doubt OnePlus 6T is one of the best device out there and the favorite too. But, every device has some cons too. So is the case with OnePlus 6T. The phone delivering flagship performance at affordable pricing attracts a lot of people and this makes the OnePlus Company so successful. The phone has features that phones charging $200 more than the 6T give. Actually, the 6T offers nothing new than OP 6 except it charges more. If we see OnePlus 6 is the better device than 6T on this date. So the OmnePlus 6T cons are discussed here but first some highlights of the phone.


  • The powerful Snapdragon 845 coupled with Adreno 630 delivers great performance.
  • UNLOCK THE SCREEN feature with an in display sensor to unlock the phone.
  • However, the face unlock is still there and sometimes it is faster than the Screen Unlock.
  • There is a larger screen actually smaller Notch the waterdrop Notch protected with Gorilla Glass 6 the AMOLED panel lower part of which is the fingerprint sensor.


  • The same camera modules of the OP 6 in the rear and front, no improvements.
  • We will come to OnePlus 6T cons later but it has no headphone jack.
  • this time OP thought to bump up the battery capacity which was necessary too. The 3300 mah battery wasn’t enough for the day. So the 3700 mah battery is perfect lasting a day.
  • The Android Pie is there preloaded with the OxygenOS.

So we just discussed the features and highlights that OnePlus 6T brings in with it. But all this was already known to most of the people. We just waited for the price and now we have the price too. So the prices are $549 and $579 for 6 Gb and 8GB models respectively. Now let us talk about the OnePlus 6t problems/cons.


oneplus 6t cons

1. Increased Pricing

Every time a new device comes OnePlus tends to increase the price. Just a year ago the OP 5 was selling for $449 and now after two devices, the OP 6T is for $549. This time we can say the industry prices are high altogether. This gives an advantage to the OP. Otherwise every time they introduce a new device they just increase the prices. Especially, with the t model, o e thing is for sure the price bump. This is a sort of OnePlus 6t cons as there is nothing new in the phone than OP 6. So if you are looking to buy OnePlus 6 is a better device available for the lower price. One more thing justifying the price is the base variant of 128GB storage instead of 64GB.

2. Skipping the Headphone Jack

Two years ago, OnePlus made fun of apple for ditching the Headphone Jack. And, now they did the same mistake. At least, don’t do what you criticize others for. The excuse they made is the in display fingerprint sensor. They wanted to bring fingerprint sensor in the front that leading to ditching the headphone jack. OnePlus is just asking you to buy wireless headphones. The OnePlus Company also gives type C adapter but this is a OnePlus 6T cons.

3.Slow fingerprint Sensor

There is a fingerprint sensor in the front of the display embedded in the lower part. Almost every smartphone manufacturer is now bringing the in display fingerprint sensor. No doubt this is the future of smartphones but it is a bit slower than traditional fingerprint sensor. Sometimes the in display fingerprint sensor of OP 6T takes time to unlock the phone. This isn’t always a problem but a few people reported that it takes time to unlock sometimes. Consider it one of the OnePlus 6t cons.

4. Cameras are OnePlus 6t Cons

Talking about the camera, there were a lot of rumors on this part. There were a lot of rumors that the 6T will have the triple camera set up in the rear. But there is nothing about the camera part. Leave the triple camera set up, there s no upgrade in the existing cameras. The same sensor of OP 6 is continued here. Something new is in the software part. They brought the night mode photography option in the camera app. Still, we consider it amongst OnePlus 6T cons as they upgrade little bit camera in every T model.

5. Water Resistance?

This cannot be called a problem in 6T but a secret of OnePlus Company. If you actually test your OP device dropping in the water, it may actually work. But OnePlus does not give any guaranty of it. Many people reported that the OP phones are water resistant but it’s up to you whether you want to test your device or not. The OnePlus 6T cons are that they don’t want to spend money on IP certification. If they would have given the IP rating, it would have been the real flagship.

6. OnePlus 6t Cons – The Wireless Charging

When they introduced the Glass back, everyone expected Wireless Charging. But, again no wireless charging. This isn’t a problem but a feature that lacks in the flagship device of OP. Leave about the OnePlus 6t cons and let’s hope again for the OP 7 to launch with the wireless technology.

A few more problems in the OnePlus 6T are that it does not have QHD display, this time they added a bit of protection giving Gorilla Glass 6 instead of 5. The Display size is 6.4 inches this time due to the smaller notch. One of the main OnePlus 6T cons is there is no real upgrade in 6T when compared to OnePlus 6.

OnePlus 6T vs OnePlus 6

oneplus 6t cons
OnePlus 6t

Those who already have OnePlus 6, no doubt there is no need to upgrade their phone. But those who are looking to buy the new 6T, actually there is no real upgrade in 6T. So, the suggestion is to buy OP 6 instead of 6T. The predecessor of 6T is better and cheaper, even more, cheaper during the festive sales. The processor is same with the same Ram options. What is new is:

  1. Battery – Instead of regular 3300 mah battery in their devices, this time their 6T has 3700 mah battery. This was pretty much necessary as the previous battery was not lasting the day.
  2. Fingerprint – The upgrade in the battery is due to the fact that they wanted to bring fingerprint sensor in the front. For this, the size of the phone increased leading to the housing of the larger battery. And this is an in display sensor.
  3. Display – The Display is of 6 inches with Waterdrop Notch, not the regular one. And also there is Gorilla glass 6 protection instead of 5.
  4. 128 GB base model – Till the last generation, OP used to launch their base model with 6GB Ram and 64GB storage. But this time the base model is of 138GB storage with 6GB Ram.

Concluding about the OnePlus 6T Cons

All in all its a great device but nothing new in the 6T when compared to its predecessor OnePlus 6. We discussed OnePlus 6t Cons but if you look at the phone these are not serious problems. And OnePlus is a very positive company, they take criticism very positively. If you agree with us about these OnePlus 6t problems don’t hesitate in sharing.

What do you feel about “OnePlus 6T Cons”? Is OnePlus 6T worth buying for you over OnePlus 6?

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