5 Ways to Make Money Online ( No Scam, $3000/month guaranteed )

make money online
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There are tremendous ways to make money online like Youtube, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, online business and you can make billions of dollars with these simple ideas to make money online.

Are you looking to make money online but confused about how to start?

It may be difficult to make money online but that is when you are following an idea that is totally useless or something that already has too much competition. So, all you need is a fantastic idea to make money online. There are pkenty6 of ways that worth a billion dollars. These are some of the ways that can make you a million were but remember it will take time as we are not giving you some tactics but these are long-run ideas.

So, all you need is a passion to work for your idea and be patient until the time comes when your bank account is flooding with money.

Make Money Online

1. Youtube

make money online

Youtube is the modern-day replacement for TV and almost every person is spending some time on TV and that also results in a huge competition among Youtubers. There are millions of YouTubers working very hard but not getting the results of their efforts. This is because they are simply working hard while they should do smart work. Firstly you need to decide what is new that you are going to bring in the table because there are already many people doing the same thing that you are about to do and then execute it very differently.


2. Blogging

make money online

Blogging is very easy but it requires a lot of hard work to make you some money. All you need is patience and hard work to be successful in Blogging. Blogging is nothing but writing. You will have to write about something you know or something you are passionate about. It could be anything maybe your daily routine or about a place that you have traveled.  But to write, you need a platform where you can create a blog and start writing. There are plenty of platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Wix and many more but we are talking about WordPress which is immensely popular and best from an SEO point of view.


3. Affiliate Marketing

make money online

Affiliate Marketing is a way of marketing where you get paid for every successful consumer that you buy your product and you will be paid a part of the revenue generated in the form of commission. It’s like you are a salesperson for an online business and you will be paid an incentive for your sales. Almost every e-commerce platform runs an affiliate program now and you can simply join them. The best one is the Amazon Affiliate.

4. Gaming

make money online

A lot of people consider gaming as simple gaming but that’s not true because there are thousands of people making money with gaming. Firstly, you can participate in a lot of tournaments going around on the Internet and simple win prizes. Then you have Youtube as a platform where you can start live streaming and start making money through ads sponsorships and donations. You can also start conducting tournaments and make money by charging a joining fee.

5. Online Business

make money online

The first thing that comes to mind is doing some job to make money but no one talks about doing business. And, we are not talking about business but online business. An online business could be anything that helps you make money using the Internet. internet is free for everyone and that’s why everyone is using it and that is where you have an opportunity. Bring up an idea and invest in your idea and it will pay you very well/.

These are some of the popular ways that will help you make money online simple if executed perfectly. You do not need any big investment and most of these methods work for free. It depends upon your hard work and dedication towards your passion. All we suggest is pick up one idea you are confident about and start working consistently. This will make you able to make at least $3000/month and live a p[eaceful life.

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