Jio Phone 2 vs Jio Phone : jio phone 2 launched with qwerty keypad

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Reliance launched jio phone 2 at its Annual General Meeting today with quite exciting features like qwerty keypad, It can help users to type actually and not in the traditional keypad. This design resembles the Blackberry devices and it’s actually the blackberry design no doubt on that.

Jio Phone 2 Specifications

Jio Phone 2 has a 2.4 inches QVGA Display, a qwerty keypad as already mentioned and there are also navigation keys above the keypad. There is a 2 Megapixel Camera on the rear and a VGA camera at the front, Jio phone 2 features Google’s KAI OS which supports google assistant. The phone has a 2000 mah battery which will last for a day. Jio phone 2 has 512 MB Ram and 4 GB internal storage. Storage can be expanded up to 128 GB via micro SD card. It supports dual sim. The phone has VOLTE, VoWiFi, NFC, GPS, Bluetooth and FM Radio. Additionally, it will provide apps like Whatsapp, facebook, and youtube,

Jio Phone 2 vs Jio Phone

Jio phone 2 is launched for a price of Rs 2999 and it will be available from August 15, Whereas, the original jio phone was launched at Rs 1500 and effectively for free. If you have the jio phone with you and want to upgrade to the jio phone 2 there is a great deal for you. You can exchange your jio phone for Rs 501 to get the new jio phone 2.

Jio phone has a VGA Camera but now you get a 2 MP Camera at the back and VGA Camera in jio phone 2. The camera is one one of the improvements. Talking about improvements Qwerty keyboard is teh great improvement where you can actually type something. Not like the numeric keyboard which is the predecessor of the new qwerty keypad.

The most used application in any smartphone is WhatsApp today and now you get Whatsapp in jio phone 2. Also, you will get the Whatsapp support in jio phone from August 15. You will also get apps like facebook and youtube in both the phones, you don”t have to use them on the browser.

Jio Phone 2 Performance

Jio phone 2 supports dual sim whereas jio phone supports only single sim. Now you can use two nano sim on your jio phone 2 which is a great update. Most of the users use dual sim cards at a time. Reliance promised to resolve issues with jio phone in jio phone 2.

Jio phone has problems like its buttons does not work properly after some usage, buttons were tactile and it used to hang after some heavy usage but not actually the heavy usage because how you can use a feature phone as heavy as they assume it to be heavy. Jokes apart but actually phone has some heating issues and it stops working sometimes.

Wrapping up jio phone 2 is a small upgrade to jio phone for a heavy price but jio promises to solve all the issues in its predecessor giving a better deal. And if you wish to upgrade to jio phone 2 you can upgrade for Rs 501 but I suggest if you want a feature phone then go for jio phone at Rs 1500 but if you already have then its a great deal to get jio phone 2  for Rs 501 by exchanging jio phone.

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