Hogar Controls launched their Smart Home Devices

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Are you looking to fully automate your home and office? And, if you are looking for something like that then Hogar Controls has something to offer you.

They launched their new range of home automation products ranging from different price points at an event in Mumbai. I was there at the event and they gave us a demo of how their products are going to make your life very easy. There are products from video doorbells to smart lights, voice assistants like Alexa are already embedded with all these products. And, all in all, you have complete control from a smartphone app itself.

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What do they offer?

So, the basic thing is that you can go to their website and schedule a meeting. Once you have physically met their executive, you will realize what is the actual product for you. You just have to pay the bills and they will install it at your place.

Video doorbells are getting very popular nowadays and these are very important too. You can actually see who is outside the door and what is he doing. You may not believe this but there are people who just installed a video bell to see who is spoiling the flowers outside their door. And, the whole footage is always there in your phone for the monitoring purpose. It will store the data on the cloud and will be available 24/7. Then, it also detects the motions and alerts you.

Hogar Controls recently launched PRIMA +, also known as Master Room Control, its latest offering from its Touch Series Range in
the India market. The smart panel features 6 touch switches for multi-functional requirements and is additionally equipped with a light dimmer, a fan speed controller and a motion sensor. What makes Hogar’s Smart Home products’ preferred choice is its ease of installation. Just plug and play.

So, if you are looking to automate your place then Hogar Controls is always there to assist you with just a phone call.

What is your opinion about the Video Door Bells?

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