GB Whatsapp Latest Version APK Download GB Whatsapp v6.70 Download Apk

Download gb whatsapp latest version
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Download GB Whatsapp Latest Version APK v6.70

GB Whatsapp Latest Version 2019 Download link with v6.70 and its latest features that you cannot get in your regular Whatsapp but there are some threats to being a third party app.

GB Whatsapp is a third party version of the most popular application Whatsapp. And, the point is why you should use it? There are a lot of reason you can install it but install only if you need it as being a third party application. You cannot blame Whatsapp for any security or privacy issue caused to you due to this GB Whatsapp.

Honestly speaking GB Whatsapp is kind of modded version of  Whatsapp using the same API with some added features. But, first, if you have decided to install it let us give you the Download Link for GB Whatsapp latest version v6.70 APK.

Click here 👇👇👇👇 to Download GB Whatsapp Latest APK

Download Now GB Whatsapp v6.70

Download gb whatsapp latest version


Follow this step by step guide to install GB Whatsapp Latest Version in your Android Phone:

  1. Download GB Whatsapp Latest Version from the Download Link above
  2. Click on install after Downloading the application
  3. You may not be allowed to install it as it is.
  4. So head over to your settings and under Security tabs check the “Allow Unknown Sources
  5. Now you can install it easily
  6. You will also have to give some access to contacts, camera etc.

Download gb whatsapp latest version

Here are some top features of GB Whatsapp Latest Version

  • You get the Auto-Reply Feature in this app
  • You can send files up to 100MP now
  • There are some new filters to images.
  • This enables to hide you last seen 
  • You can also hide your writing status may be if you have a slow writing speed
  • If you want to send high-quality images then you have to send them as the document as your Whatsapp compress them but GB Whatsapp allows you to send the original files.
  • You can change themes too.
  • There is a DND feature too.
  • Your regular Whatsapp allows you to post video status of only 30 seconds but GB Whatsapp allows you to post videos up to 7 minutes but there is a catch as this can be viewed only by GB Whatsapp users


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