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Here is the list of top 5 best games under 1mb for Android that are super lightweight.

We all love gaming but if you have a basic budget segment phone, you cannot play heavy games on your phone. Or if you have very low internal storage on your phone. This is also possible that you may not want to spend your storage on downloading heavy games like PUBG or anything like that. Well here is the list of super lightweight Android games under 1mb.

Android games under 1mbare below the size of 1mb but they are very addictive. If you start playing, there are chances that you won’t stop playing these games under 1mb

List of Top 5 Best Android games under 1mb:

Best Games under 1MB for Android

1.Chain Reaction

games under 1mb

This game called Chain reaction is one of the best games under 1MB that you can play. Chain Reaction is available in Play store for a long time but is a good game out there. This is one of the most addictive games under 1mb. Basically, you have to make a chain of dots with a similar color in this game. this is a multiplayer game you are definitely going to enjoy playing this. You need at least 2 players to start playing this game and go up to 8 players. Different players are given a different color that they have to make a chain of. You will enjoy playing it with your friends traveling on the metro, doing a chitchat with them. Just give it a try and you will simply love it.


2. Atomic Bomber

games under 1mb

If you like playing Bomb games, you should take a look at this game is one of the most games under 1mb. Graphics aren’t that great and the game is pretty simple but addictive. All you have to do is drop bombs on trucks going and it is addictive. It may not feel addictive but you can give it a try considering its size of below 1MB. THe atomic bomber will make you release the tension focus better.


3. Tictactoe

games under 1mb

This is another game being one of the most addictive games under 1MB. By the name of it, you must have guessed the Tictactoe. It is the digital version of the traditional school game that we all used to play in boring lectures. You draw an X and I will draw a 0. If we get three in a row it’s a Tictactoe. You can refresh those school time memories by playing this game on your phone again. We definitely recommend everyone once try this game in your phone as the size is under 1mb.

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4. Bubble Breaker

games under 1mb

Bubble breaker is again an addictive game. This is a game similar to the popular game called Candy Crush. Candy crush used to be one of the most popular games at a point of time. Still, a lot of people are seen playing Candy Crush especially in their free time in metros. Well, what if we say you can play the same games under 1MB in this Bubble Breaker. You have to break the bubbles of the same color by touching them just like you used to crush the candies. If you ever played Candy Crush, you should try this game once.


5. Puzzle Cube

games under 1mb

if you ever tried to solve a cubic square, then you must try this game. It has the last spot on top 5 games under 1MB. but, this is one of the best games under 1MB. Cubic square used to be in the trend a few months back and this game too. If you don’t like solving puzzles you shouldn’t be trying this game. But all of you who consider themselves genius should try it once.


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That was the list of Top 5 Best Android games under 1MB and you should try at least one of them. Games like Puzzle Cube and Chain reaction are very popular games that people play under 1MB. You cannot ignore the addictiveness of Tictactoe. These games under 1mb. Sometimes we don’t have enough Ram or storage to download bigger games or the Internet. But these games can be easily downloaded and enjoyed instantly.

Let us know which one you will Download out of these “Android Games under1MB?”

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