5 New Best Free Live Wallpaper Apps For Android – 2018

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The most beautiful thing about android phones is the ability of customization. You can make your Android look like exactly how you want. Now there are plenty of Free Live Wallpaper apps for Android available but Live Wallpapers always gives a nice look. They can add a depth to it and create a great impact on users. So if you were wondering about how to customize your android with free live wallpapers then here is the list of 5 new best Live Wallpaper apps that are Free!!

DISCLAIMER:-  Best Free Live Wallpaper apps may drain the battery of your Android Device.

How To Apply Best Free Live Wallpapers On Android:

  1. Tap and hold anywhere on your Home Screen
  2. Click on Wallpapers
  3. Then Select Live Wallpapers
  4. Select any of the installed Live Wallpaper presets
  5. Click on Apply

Best Free Live Wallpaper Apps For Android 2018:-

  • Neon Cells Particles 3D:-


Free wallpaper apps

This is a relatively new Android App on the Play store but this gives some really nice effects. As the name suggests, the App creates cells in your home screen with some cool neon glow effects. This fully 3D animated and has 20 different types of Geometric Crystal Hex Cells. There are also different animation touches that you can apply. There is also a Double Tap mode which allows opening the settings at any time. This is a free live wallpaper app that you should definitely try out.


  • Particles Fluid Galaxy LWP



Live wallpaper app
Particles fluid galaxy LWP wallpaper app

This is another cool colorful live wallpaper app which creates beautiful particles on the home screen. There are plenty of different modes which will help you to set the colors of the particles according to your choice. You have the option to customize the fluids as well. With the help of this new live wallpaper app, you will be able to have a miniature version of the Galaxy.


  • ShaderPaper:-



Free wallpaper app 2018
Shaded paper

Now if you are already tired of Installing multiple live wallpapers apps for your Android then trust me, this is the only App that you need. ShaderPaper gives you over 120 different shade themes for FREE. Not just only that, they are also well optimized for your Smartphones RAM management and battery optimization. This new live wallpaper app has 20 different pixel shapes to apply. The app also allows you to save your own presets so that you can use them in just a single click in future whenever you want.


  • Gyro Space Particles 3D:


Live wallpaper apps
Gyro space particles

This live wallpaper app is one of the most high-quality ones that I’ve recently come across. You can get multiple 3D parallax Live Wallpapers with abstracts particles on your home screen. There are also options to add Crystal Squares, Asteroids etc. There is two version of this app. The Premium version enables the option of further customizations for you.


  • Best Free Live Wallpapers 3D HD Cool Backgrounds 4K:-


Live wallpaper apps
Live wallpaper app

We know, that’s such a big name for an App but this android app exactly delivers big things that you probably have ever imagined. First of all its an AMOLED friendly wallpaper app which will reduce the battery consumption of your smartphone. Second, these have all those cool superheroes from your favorite DC, Marvel movies. The wallpapers create a cool parallax effect and in the background, you can feel 4D animations.  All the wallpapers are of a 4K quality so that they look best on your Smartphone.


So these were some cool New Best Free Live Wallpaper Apps for 2018 that you should definitely try out. If you have more suggestions for Best Free Live Wallpaper Apps then do let us know in the comment section.


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