6 Best Video Editor for android 2019 Number 6 will shock you

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Top 5 Best Video Editor for Android

The list of best video editor for Android includes software like Cyberlink PowerDirector, Kinemaster, Fillmora Go, Viva Video, Video zip etc. These video editing apps give a toe to toe competition to Video Editing software running on Windows and Mac. You will come to know why your smartphone is the only thing you need to create videos?

There was a time when smartphones were used just to make calls but slowly smartphones are capable of doing anything even the video editing. Nowadays, we have powerful smartphones and powerful apps that can handle video editing. You can do almost everything that you can do on your computer with these best video editor for Android. But still, you cannot expect that level of video editing that you can do on Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. So take it with a pinch of salt when we say the highest level of video editing possible on this editing software for Android.

Here are Top 5 best Video Editing Apps for Android:

Best Video Editor

1. Kinemaster

Ask anyone who ever tried to edit videos on Android, you will get the same answer. Kinemaster is the best video editor for Android. And, there are reasons to it. It is one of the simples apps to use and quite powerful too. You get every feature that you want from a video editing software. Firstly, you can edit simple videos like trimming, cropping, making the slideshow, adding music etc. Then you get premium features like adding layers to the video. You can add images, texts, effects, stickers, animations, music, and even the videos to the second or third layer of the video. And, if you think this is it no, you are wrong. There is also the option of Chroma Key using which you can change the background of a video. So this is the best Video editor for Android available out there.


2. PowerDirector

This is another video editing app that can be called number one but there are some limitations which make it number two. This is the video editor from famous brand Cyberlink and the premium version can be bought for around Rs 180 in India. Cyberlink PowerDirector is also capable of doing things that Kinemaster can do. You can trim, crop videos, make a slideshow, add music, add voiceovers, add layers of video, audio, stickers, text, and images in this app. The main reason why it is number two is that this does not have the feature of Chroma Key. This feature helps you change the background of any video. But you can get the feature of Chroma Key in PowerDirector Bundle which is another version of the same app. So this is also the best video editor for Android.


3. Filmora Go

If you ask anyone about the best and simplest video editing software, you will get your answer as Wondershare Filmora. And guess what we have the Android Version of Filmora too. Yes, this is the same video editing app that you get in Windows. It is very simple and easy to use especially for beginners. You can join, trim, crop videos and add music images etc to them. If you are just starting into video editing start with this one and you will learn everything.


4. VivaVideo

Why would you need a video editing software? For youtube? Maybe no, you might be looking for the best video editor for Android to edit videos. And, it is possible that you don’t want to upload these videos on Youtube. You may upload these videos to Instagram, Whatsapp Status or even Facebook. Then, in that case, you should not go apps like Kinemaster and PowerDirector but opt for this one. VivaVideo is one of the best video editing apps and it also handles the kind of editing that normally people want. So you can edit your Whatsapp Story using this app.


5. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Pro is the best video editing software and no one means no one can doubt that. Some may say FCP is better but you have to pay better for the hardware too. And, the best video editor Adobe has its Android app too. You have the Premiere Clip which is quite helpful to edit short videos and guess what it supports 4K too. So, now you can edit your Story videos using Adobe Premiere Clip too that can give you 4K quality. This is capable of doing simple video editing tasks like video joining, trimming, cropping etc.


6. VideoZip

VideoZip is the app that is helpful in compressing videos but it is a video editor too. This may not be the best video editor for android but this can solve the problem of Storage. After editing, you will get large video files that you may not wish to upload but using this app you can zip those videos and reduce the size. You can compress your videos using this and guess what you have video editing options too. Yes, video editing tasks like trimming, cropping, joining, adding images, music, text etc. can be done through this app too.


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So, now the question is which one you should install from the list of Best Video Editor for Android. So another question is why you need a video editing app? If you want to edit videos that you want to upload on Whatsapp or Instagram, you can use any of the simple apps like Filmora, VivaVideo, VideoZip etc. But if you want to edit high-end videos for Youtube or something else you should try Kinemaster or PowerDirector. Download any app from this list of Best Video editor and you will be able to accomplish your task of video editing.

Which one did you like the most from this list of “Best Video Editor for Android“?

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