Which is the BEST PDF Converter for Android and ios?

best pdf converter
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Are you looking for a PDF Converter? Well, we got it covered here with the Best PDF Converter that can satisfy all your needs.

When we talk about mobile apps, usually people think of games, social media apps, photo editing apps and in recent times VR apps as well. Nobody would ever think of business apps and especially apps that can convert PDF documents to various file formats. But believe us, when the need for such an app comes you would be happy to know where to find the right app for the job.

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Which is the Best PDF Converter?

What is PDF?

PDF is one of the most popular file formats in the world. It is used in many industries and by many professionals such as lawyers, professors, students, accountants, etc. It is even used by people trying to go green and protect the environment.

PDFs literally cost nothing to create and they will look exactly the same to everyone, no matter the operating system and device they are viewed on. You can also create interactive PDFs or completely or partially editable PDFs. They can consist of all kinds of media, like text, images, audio, hyperlinks and so on.

PDFs are also considered to be one for the most secure file formats since they can’t be easily edited. There are only two options in case you want to edit a PDF file. You could either retype the whole document or you could use some of the PDF converter apps and tools. Obviously, the better way is to use PDF converter apps since they will save you time and the majority of them are also free to use.

The Best PDF Converter App

pdf converter

There is one problem that can occur when you’re trying to find the right app. It is really hard to find a reliable PDF converter since there are a lot of them available in the market. One app that has given us great and accurate results almost every time is PDF to Word Converter with OCR. It is available on iOS and Android which is a big plus. The app allows you to convert documents directly from your device, Gmail attachments or supported cloud services (iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

Beside the option to convert PDF to Word, users can also purchase business extension which will allow them to convert PDFs to more than 20 popular file formats and vice versa. The app comes with a built-in document scanner with filters and automatic border detection and can even convert scanned PDFs.

Download the PDF to Word Converter with OCR

Again another question is of the situations where this best PDF converter can be of great help.

Importance of PDF Converter

Here are some situations in which you would need such an app:

Dealing with a lot of PDFs regularly

PDF converter app would be a lifesaver in case you are dealing with a lot of PDF files on a regular basis. Most of the time you would realize you made a mistake only after your document has been converted to a PDF file. If you deleted the original file (like we all do), the only option would be to retype the document or to use a PDF converter application and convert it to the editable file format. We would undoubtedly every time to choose the second option.

If you are a student

Students get a lot of lectures from their professors as PDF files. Since PDFs can’t be easily edited, you won’t be able to add notes, underline text or make some changes to lectures. Therefore PDF converter app can be of great help while studying. Since PDF to Word Converter with OCR has a built-in document scanner, you can even scan your class notes and convert them to MS Word for easy editing later.

If you are a business person who travels a lot

If you are a business person whos travel a lot, these kinds of apps would be a necessity for you. Since your phone is always in your pocket, you would be able to make changes if needed to PDF files wherever you are. Imagine this, you get an urgent document from your representatives that need to be sent to a customer, but when you look at the file you realize there are some mistakes in it. With PDF converter app you can easily convert PDF to Word, correct the mistakes and send it over to your customer in less than 5 minutes right on your mobile device.


We hope that you have realized by now the importance of PDF files and how PDF converter applications can be useful to you. We don’t say that you will be using them on a regular basis, but when the need for such an app comes it is great to know which one will get the job done.

So, that’s all about the best PDF Converter app that can be of great help in many situations like we have mentioned above. And, it’s free, as well as a paid one. So, you can choose it depending upon your needs.

Let us know any queries if you have in the comments below.

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