Top 5 Best Earphones under 500 Rupees in India 2019

best earphones under 500
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Here is the list of Top 5 Best Earphones under 500 rupees in India 2019 available online or offline. Amazon Basics, Mi earphones, Boat bassheads etc.

There was a time when every other smartphone manufacturer used to provide earphones within the box. but now the scenario is completely changed and almost every brand is now trying to sell their earphones separately. Thanks to Xiaomi, now you have to spend the extra money on buying these earphones. Now, since you have decided to buy earphones under 500 rupees but you must be confused, right? That is why you are here. so check this list of Best earphones under 500 rupees.

This is the list of Top 5 Best earphones under 500 available in India:

Best earphones under 500

5. Amazon basics

Best earphones under 500

Amazon basics are one of the Best Earphones under 500 in India. These stand out to be the first choice if you are looking for earphones under this very budget segment of 500 rupees. The build quality of these earphones is pretty awesome and it looks premium. While using them, you won’t really feel its a cheap earphone. The cable quality is premium and it is a flat cable that protects it. The 3.5mm connector has gold plating in it that increases the life of earphones.

Almost everything is aluminum coated including ear tips and mic. Yes, it has an inbuilt microphone and includes a clip too. The clip enables you to hold it easily.  It has a control button that enables you to pick calls, play/pause music. These earphones are available in three color options Black, White, and Gold. The sound quality is really very good and you won’t complain about it after using. One more thing these earphones are Amazon’s own product.

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4. Envent Beatz 302

Best earphones under 500

Coming to number four, Envent Beatz 302 stands to be one of the Best Earphones under 500. These are earphones too come with a flat cable that is tangle free cable. The quality is pretty decent and has an L-shape connector. The 3.5mm connector being L-shape increases the life of earphones. The ear tips are bulky and made out of plastic. They look smaller and fit easily inside your ears. The bulkiness feels the pressure inside your ears. The sound quality is amazing and very impressive for the price. Definitely, you can go for these earphones. The mic quality is very impressive and does the justice with the brand.

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3. Boat Bassheads 100

Best earphones under 500

Boat’s Basshead is in the middle of this list of Best Earphones under 500. The Boat Bassheads look very good. You will really attract to these earphones. The quality is amazing in terms of design, build quality, mic quality, sound quality etc. The reason why we included this on this list is design and sound quality. Sound quality is impressive but not the base. If you are the one looking for high base, don’t go for it. We have a few better options for you. So, pick it if you want a nice design at this price point and want to watch videos and movies with these earphones. For heavy bass, pick the next one.

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2. Boat Bassheads 235 V2

Best earphones under 500

Again we have the earphones from the same company and there are a few reasons to it. These are really not the best but one of the Best Earphones under 500. The earphones have a 10mm driver unit giving the super extra bass. The build quality is amazing with flat type cable and metal ear tips. Color options are Red Blue and Black with three earbuds. These earphones have pretty good sound quality and the bass output is impressive. troubles are not so good here. The 235 V2 from Boat Bassheads stand the second place in the list because of many reasons. that you can experience only if you use them. No doubt you can definitely buy these earphones without having a second thought on them.

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1. Mi Earphone Basics

Best earphones under 500

The budget-oriented Mi earphones are the Best Earphones under 500. One reason is its price of Rs 399. The problem with most of the earphones mentioned above is that they are priced above 500 but you can get them 500 in sale or lightening deals. You know the brand value of Mi in smartphones but trust this these earphones are really good. The build quality may not be that good but remember we are looking for earphones under 500 and these are best earphones under 500. Ignore the build quality but the sound quality is amazing. The bass is not high but very normal and you won’t complain normally. If you are already using Xiaomi smartphone, definitely pick this one. And for better quality, you can get another for Rs 699. The mic quality on Mi basics is impressive and there is only one button for play/pause/call receiving etc.

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Note – Some earphones might be priced above Rs 500 but wait for the price drop. You will get them under rs 500.

This was a list of “best earphones under 500″ rupees to buy. If you want a good looking pair of earphones, you can pick Boat Bassheads 100. But surely if you want pure sound quality, go for number one or two in the list.

Which one will you pick out of these best earphones under 500 rupees in India 2019?

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