We see every day a new smartphone coming but this is now a trend and there are chances that you miss a good smartphone getting launched. We created this list of upcoming phones in October 2018. On this day a few smartphones are already launched and a few are upcoming phones in October month ahead. There are upcoming phones like the OnePlus 6T, Google Pixel 3 and 3XL, and a few other upcoming phones in October. You may not be interested in some phones and some might make you interested.

1. LG V40 ThinQ

lg v40 thinq

This is the latest flagship phone by the Giant smartphone manufacturer LG and is actually already launched on the day we are publishing this post. So this is not an upcoming phone in October but phone launched in the month of October.

  • The LG V40 ThinQ was launched on 3rd of October 2018
  • It has a 6.4 inches QHD+ OLED Display with the resolution of 1440×3120 pixels. This is a FullView panel with Gorilla Glass 5 protection and the aspect ratio of 19.5:9.
  • The phone runs on powerful octa-core Snapdragon 845 Soc by Qualcomm coupled together with 6 GB of Ram.
  • There is 128 GB of inbuilt UFS 2.1 storage which can be expended up to 2TB via microSD card.
  • The speciality of the LG V40 ThinQ is that it has five cameras in the phone. Not exactly five but yes five. A triple camera setup in the rear and dual cameras in the front.
  • The whole phone is powered by a 3300 mah battery.
  • The price for the V40 ThinQ is $899 in the US meaning around rs 65000 in India.

2. Nokia 7.1upcoming phones in october 2018

This phone by Nokia is also not an upcoming phone in October but the phone already launched. It is a budget segment phone by Nokia or the mid-range phone whatever you call it.

  • The Nokia smartphone was launched on October 4 for the starting price of EUR 299 roughly around Rs 24500 in Idia.
  • It is an Android One Smartphone with the screen of 19:9 PureDisplay of 5.84 inches full HD+ Display. It has Gorilla Glass 3 protection too.
  • Nokia 7.1 runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 Soc coupled with two Ram options of 3GB and 4GB also the 32/64 GB storage options respectively.
  • It has 3060 mah battery and Dual Rear cameras in the back.

3. Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL

upcoming phones in october 2018

This is the upcoming phone in October by Google and upgrades to the Google Pixel series. These phones will launch on October 9 by Google. Google Pixel 3 will be with a smaller display and XL version will have bigger Display. The upcoming phones will bear the Snapdragon 845 chipset which is the latest one available by Qualcomm. There might be 4GB or/and 6GB of Ram. with 64/128/256 GB of storage with different combinations. These phones will definitely have the Android 9 Pie on the board.

4. Razer Phone 2

upcoming phones in october 2018

This is the upgraded version to the Razer phone a gaming phone. This upcoming phone in October month is a gaming phone expected to launch on October 10. The design is not so following the trend but the performance is of the beast. This will feature the Snapdragon 845 Soc and 8 GB of Ram. There is some special work to the display part being a gaming phone necessary. This upcoming phone must have a massive battery at least 4000 mah. Stay tuned for October 10 to witness this upcoming gaming phone.

5. Samsung Galaxy A9

upcoming phones in october 2018

The South Korean Giant Samsung has come up with a new concept in this upcoming phone in October 2018. The A9’s launch event is set for October 11. We have already seen the Samsung Galaxy A7 with three cameras set up and now this A9 is expected to have four cameras. This one is going to be a mid-range smartphone by Samsung but let’s hope for a price tag of under Rs 30000. Rumours say that this upcoming phone will have Snapdragon 660 Processor and 6 GB of Ram. There will be a 3750 mah battery and USB type C.

6. Lenovo K8 Note upgrade

The Lenovo K8 Note is also getting its successor but no confirmed name. The launch event to this upcoming phone in October 11 is set for this phone. There is no much detail available about this but it is going to be a budget smartphone same as Lenovo K8 note. It will definitely have Dual rear Cameras, 4000 mah battery and Android Oreo inside. More details will be given as we get closer to the launch event.

7. Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro

huawei mate 20

World’s second most selling smartphone brand Huawei is about to unveil its upcoming phones in October, specifically October 16. Almost everything is leaked about the Huawei Mate 20 and mate 20 Pro. These will have the latest 7nm Kirin 980 Soc in both the phones. There are a few reports suggesting the Mate 20 will have a triple camera set up. Also, it is rumoured to have four cameras too. In the leaked images we can see a fingerprint sensor in the back of the phone. There is a waterdrop Notch seen in the images too.  This is going to be very exciting with these flagship phones by the Chinese manufacturer Huawei.

8. Honor 8X

honor 8x india

The Honor 8X has already launched actually but the Indian launch is set for October 16. The Honor 8X is a budget segment or mid-range smartphone with Kirin 710F processor. It has a full HD+ TFT IPS Display, dual camera set up and a Notch. It has a regular Notch while the 8X Max has a waterdrop Notch. There are two variants with 4GB/64GB and 6/128 GB options. Let’s see what is the Indian pricing on October 16.

9. Oneplus 6T

upcoming phones in october 2018

The upcoming phone in October ads this OnePlus 6T in the list launching October 17. This is going to be the latest upgrade to Oneplus’ flagship devices. The rumours say that it might also feature triple camera set up in the rear but there are no confirmations available. However, there is a waterdrop Notch on top and an In-Display fingerprint sensor. The upcoming phone Oneplus 6T will have Snapdragon 845 Processor and 8 GB of Ram. There are chances that it might also feature 10 GB of Ram as the Oppo R17 has 10GB Ram. Sadly there is no headphone jack in the phone. Pricing will be confirmed on October 16.

10. Asus ROG Phone

Asos is also launching ROG Phone on October 18. Asus is hosting an event on October 18 in New York City to launch this gaming phone. This upcoming phone by Asus seems very exciting as we have already seen something like this back in June. if it is a gaming phone, it must have the Snapdragon 845, the best chipset by Qualcomm available right now. A massive battery, bigger Display, Ram management are requirements to the gaming phone.

These are the upcoming phones in October 2018. Which one is exciting for you? We will have the coverage to these phones as we get closer to the launch events. Stay tuned!

Switzerland based company Logitech celebrates “Work from Home Week” starting from 8th of October. This Work From Home Week will start on 8 and will be till 12th October. Logitech recognizes 10th of October as Global Work From Home Day. On this day, the company will encourage its employees to work from home. This is to highlight the benefits of working from home. How this can benefit the company and the world as a whole?

Logitech International is a Swiss-based Company founded in the year 1981. Logitech has brands like Ultimate Ears, JayBird, Blue Microphone, Logitech G, and ASTRO Gaming under the banner. Now it’s a multi-brand company designing products related to music, gaming, video, computing etc.

Sumanta Datta, MD and Cluster Head, India, Indonesia & South West Asia, Logitech said that employees in South West Asia and countries above mentioned will be encouraged to work from home. this will not only benefit the company or employees but reducing the burden on public transport and ultimately reducing the release of CO2. This will benefit the world with lower carbon emission. they are also encouraging their partners to join in this initiative.

logitech wfhweek 2018

Logitech Work from Home results

Last year in 2017, Logitech saved more than 60000 kg of CO2 emission by working from home. This amounts to nearly 250000 kilometres of card driving saving carbons layer of six times as to the earth. This Work from Home initiative not only saved the earth from pollution but added to the productivity of employees. Employees saved 90 minutes of their daily routine adding to the productivity and benefiting the company as a whole. This is a great initiative by Logitech and giving results too.

For this Work from home initiative, employees will operate through a range of Logitech products. There is a new line up of products from Logitech including their webcams and conference camera. This also includes the Logitech BRIO and Logitech meetup. This will ensure the smooth workflow in the office as usual. All this can be a testing to the Logitech’s products too but ultimately benefiting their business. Work from Home initiative also gives employees a relaxation on part of travelling and daily life struggles with traffic jams and all.

This is a great thing from Logitech celebrating Work from Home Week. They are doing something new in the industry and setting a benchmark for others. Let us see wh else follow this trend in the future. This is also a step towards Employees Morale boosting giving them an opportunity to stay at their homes. But this does not affect their productivity, in fact making them more productive with saved energy.

Let us know what is your opinion about this Work from Home initiative by Logitech?

We all love smartphones and gadgets or smartphone gadgets Right? Here are 6 cool smartphone gadgets available in Amazon India. These are very useful smartphone gadgets and gadgets to know presents you with these gadgets. Gadgets to know before you die are some cool smartphone gadgets at a very cheap rate. If you like shopping it shall be your regular habit of visiting the website like Amazon. We also request you to visit Gadgets to know, our website. These are gadgets you need to know and gadgets that matter.

1. Screen Cleaner

cool smartphone gadgets

We usually touch our smartphone screens with rough hands and we see smudged right? This happens not only with smartphones but gadgets like laptop, tablet, television, monitor etc. Every gadget having screen faces the same problem. We have these cool smartphone gadgets that will clean up your screen within a second and you will love it. It has a spray inside which cleans it and then just clear it with cleaner itself. This will definitely solve your problem and your phone will look like you just bought it. This also makes your phone screen work faster.
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2. Universal External Lens

cool smartphone gadgets

This gadget is specially designed for your smartphone and you need to know about this. If you love taking pictures on your smartphone, this smartphone gadgets is definitely going to change your life. This is the ultimate gadget you need to buy before dying. This is a universal lens that will connect to your smartphone and any smartphone. Then you can take pictures as good as with DSLR camera. There are a lot of lenses available out there that connect to your smartphone and make it a DSLR. You also have a wide angle lens that will increase your field of view. This will do your job if you do vlogging on a smartphone. This smartphone gadget is really good and check it out once.

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3. Hybrid Sim tool – a cool smartphone gadget

cool smartphone gadgets

This is a smartphone gadget necessary for every one who uses two sim cards on a phone and needs to connect s Memory card. Yes, it is possible, you can connect a memory card alongside your two sim cards on a hybrid sim smartphone. The problem is most of the smartphones nowadays have Hybrid Sim Card slot where you can put in two nano Sim or a Nano Sim and an SD card. But if you have limited storage then only one Sim card option is there for you or you have to buy another phone to use the other Sim card. But if you use this smartphone gadget, your problem is solved. You just have to place it in the back of your Sim tray where you shall put in your Sim cards both. Then you can connect the SD card from outside and enjoy your media together with two Sim Cards already there.

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4. Shining Shoes

cool smartphone gadgets

There is a saying that people first look at your shoes before your face. Is it right? Well, you can make people keep looking at your shoes with this smartphone gadget. Well, this isn’t a smartphone gadget. It’s a shoe gadget. What? Yes? These are shoelaces with shining LED on them and make your shoes shine. You just put in these laces on your shoes and go to parties. Especially in the night, of course in the night, how else will this shine? You can grab the attention of everyone with this cool gadget available on Amazon.

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5. All in One OTG adapter

cool smartphone gadgets

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Sometimes you ask someone holding DSLR to click your pictures but you just forget to get them from him. Well, there is a cool smartphone gadget on Amazon which will solve your problem and you will absolutely love it. This is the cool gadget which acts as an OTG adapter that connects with your smartphone and your computer too. Yes, you can connect it to both of your devices smartphone and PC. But why would you do that? Well, you can connect camera’s SD card and you MicroSD card both in this coll smartphone gadget and also a pen drive too. Surprised, isn’t it? This costs only a few bucks and being so useful.

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6. Lapel Mic

cool smartphone gadgets

If you love video calling or you like making videos or you want to sing, but confused how to record your audio. Well! Your smartphone can record good audio but when you do video recording the audio part records a lot of noise. This is a cool smartphone gadget you are absolutely going to love it and it costs only a few rupees. Its a lapel mic that you can hold on your collar with a clip attached and it will plug into your 3.5mm headphone jack. Sorry if you do not have the headphone jack on your phone. But this microphone will definitely enhance the audio quality and it gives the quality as to professional microphones. If you have your youtube channel and want a mic do have a test on this.

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7. Audio Splitter

cool smartphone gadgets

If you are listening to music with your buddy on the same earphone with one year, you don’t need to know. We are not asking you to separate with your buddy but we have a cool gadget for you. This is the headphone jack splitter. You just need to connect this to your headphone jack and again sorry if you don’t have the headphone jack, and now you can connect to headphones/earphones/speakers. And you can also connect a headphone and a speaker with this cool smartphone gadget. Both the outputs will produce the same audio using this splitter. You can get it for Rs 20/30 in stores near your place. Cool! isn’t it?

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Xiaomi Redmi 6 Review With Pros and Cons. Here is the Redmi 6, budget smartphone from Xiaomi Indias no 1 selling smartphone brand right now in 2018. Xiaomi Redmi 6 Review With Pros and Cons.

Here is the Xiaomi Redmi 6 Review With Pros and Cons. The Redmi 6 recently launched at India price of 7999 (99 USD).

Xiaomi also launches two more smartphones Redmi 6A, and Redmi 6 pro. 

Redmi 6 also has a higher variant at the price of 9499. The Xiaomi Redmi 6 will be available from 10 September, on Flipkart and Mi.com. Xiaomi Redmi 6 Review With Pros and Cons.

Redmi 6 also has a higher variant at the price of 9499. The Xiaomi Redmi 6 will be available from 10 September, on Flipkart and Mi.com. Xiaomi Redmi 6 Review With Pros and Cons.

redmi 6 review


Powered by MediaTek Processor Helio P22 Octa Core SoC clocked at 2.0 GHz. Because of the Helio P22 SoC, Redmi 6 support dual 4G. The display is a 5.45-inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen HD+ 1400 x 720 resolution with 18:9 aspect ratio.

On the Rear side 12MP + 5MP dual camera with led flash EIS on video recording and Front side 5MP Camera with Ai portrait mode. Paire with 3GB ram and 32GB and 64GB ROM with dedicated microSD card slot up to 256GB.

There is a 3000mAh battery inside Redmi 6 and fingerprint sensor with AI face unlock. Running on android Oreo 8.1 MIUI 9.6 bit it will receive MIUI 10 Update shortly.

Now comes to the maint point Here is the Xiaomi Redmi 6 Review With Pros and Cons:


  • Xiaomi Redmi 6 comes with latest Android v8.1 Oreo which is great because you will get the all latest android os features.
  • The 5.45-inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen 16M colour display is bright and looks good thanks to the 18:9 aspect ratio. The Pixel density is very good 295 PPI.
  • For multitasking, there is 3GB ram and 32GB ROM is enough. There is another higher variant with 64GB ROM.
  • It Comes with dedicated microSD card slot support up to 256GB. So there is no issue with memory expansion.
  • Xiaomi Redmi 6 has equipped with Octa-core processor Mediatek Helio P22 Chipset. This SoC clocked at 2.0 GHz and support Dual 4G Means you can use two 4G sims at the same time.
  • On camera department, the 12MP + 5MP dual rear camera with PDAF LED flash support EIS and portrait mode, the 5MP front camera with AI portrait mode. Xiaomi implements Electronic image stabilization at this price point which makes it more profitable deal among smartphones in the market.
  • There is a battery capacity of 3000 mAh which is good for daily usage. You will get a one-day battery very easily.
  • Redmi 6 comes with all connectivity option like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, 3G, dual 4G.
  • It also has all sensor like Fingerprint, Proximity, Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor, E-compass.
  • Redmi 6 is available in Black, Blue, Gold, Rose Gold colours.


  • There is no display protection like gorilla glass in Redmi 6A. You have to use temper glass for more protection.
  • The 5MP selfie camera is very poor.
  • The higher variant is only offered 3GB RAM no 4GB RAM like it should be.
  • Display resolution is up to 720P HD+ only no FUll HD at price of 7999
  • Run on MIUI no Stock android.
  • No Snapdragon SoC, no dought P22 is a good chip but it will lag when comes to intensive games.

Now comes to the conclusion should you buy Xiaomi Redmi 6 or not?

The Redmi 6 is no dought a great phone at the price of 7999. Like every smartphone its also have some cons but there are no measure cons. If you ok with all of the cons so go for it, Redmi 6 is a very good smartphone.

At the price of 7999 Xiaomi offers the dual rear camera with EIS on video recording which makes this phone a great deal.

Don’t go the 64gb variant because of the same 3GB RAM. I don’t know why Xiaomi do this but go with the 3GB and 32GB ROM variant and use a MicroSD for memory expansion.

There are other options like Redmi note 5, Redmi Y2, Redmi 6 Pro with Snapdragon SoC.

A few days back Vivo launched V11 pro in India with a waterdrop notch on top and an in display fingerprint sensor being the highlights of the phone. This is the cheapest phone available with an in display fingerprint scanner. It has the screen to body ratio of more than 91% because of that waterdrop notch on top. After a few days, so we need to know how good the V11 Pro is for day to day usage. The price of the phone is Rs 259990 in India. There is a lot of Ai included in the phone. It is a mid-range phone being powered by Snapdragon 660 but has the looks of a flagship phone? To clear all the misunderstandings we have the full review of Vivo V11 Pro with pros and cons.

Vivo V11 Pro Specifications

The V11 Pro has a 6.41inches full HD Plus full view display with the resolution of 1080 X 2340 pixels along with 19.5:9 aspect ratio super AMOLED panel. The software includes Android Oreo 8.1 along with its custom UI fun touch OS 4.5 alongside the Snapdragon 660 running inside. There is 6gb Ram and 64 GB internal storage in the phone.

The v11 Pro features dual rear cameras with the primary camera of 12 megapixels with an aperture size of f/1.8 and the secondary camera of 5 megapixels with the aperture f/2.4. There is 25-megapixel selfie camera with aperture f/2.0 and AI features.  The phone is powered by 3400 mah battery with the support of fast charging and 18-watt charger. Connectivity options include dual Nano SIM,4G VOLTE, dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth v4.2, GPS, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a micro USB. There are two colour options available, Dazzling Gold and Sterry night black.

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Vivo V11 Pro Review


The Vivo V11 Pro is a smartphone priced for Rs 26000 in Indian market which is the upper segment of mid-range smartphones. It is powered by an octa-core processor Snapdragon 660 which is available for even Rs 17000 on Xiaomi Mi A2. So as far as the performance is concerned the Vivo V11 pro is not so good with snapdragon 660. For gaming, it is coupled with Adreno 512 GPU, 6 Gb of Ram. IIts not like the processor is not so good but the optimization is not well. The Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1runs on Snapdragon 636 but the optimization is so well that it loads and runs PUBG smoother than Vivo V11 Pro.

In terms of design, the V11 Pro is far ahead of flagship devices also. It has waterdrop notch, none of the flagships has it and the in display fingerprint sensor. Flagship phones like Vivo Nex and Oppo Find X only have in display fingerprint sensor which has the flagship pricing too.

A MID-RANGER trying to be Flagship?

The V11 pro has a beautiful design and looks with flagship features but performs like a  mid-range smartphone. The Vivo V11 Pro has Snapdragon 660 and a 6 GB Ram but the optimization of CPU is not so good. Even the Ram management is not so well. Vivo needs to work on this and hopefully, they can solve this with a software update. In terms of software, there is Android oreo running inside and the custom UI called FunTouch OS. If you are trying to be a flagship Stock android is much preferable.

Vivo V11 Pro Pros

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The design is a great part of the Vivo V11 Pro. It has Dual cameras in the back vertically placed and the VIVO logo that’s it, nothing else there in the back. But the phone looks gorgeous from the back and front too. There is a notch on top which is different from others being a waterdrop notch, not the regular one. There are minimal bezels in the bottom and sides. Most of the front is covered by a super AMOLED Display. the lower part of the display acts as a fingerprint sensor making it cheapest phone with an in display fingerprint.


This is for the first time we considered notch in the pros as this one is a waterdrop notch. After Vivo v11 Pro only Oppo F9 Pro has the waterdrop notch in India. The notch is the reason we have minimal bezels and the screen to body ratio goes to 91.27%. It looks even beautiful being placed in the centre of the phone and has the front camera placed over it.

In Display Fingerprint

The fingerprint sensor used to be in the back in most of the phones but now it is in the front. The front fingerprint placement takes apart of the body leaving a  chin in the bottom. But Vivo has the solution they did not utilize any space of the body, they just placed the fingerprint sensor inside the display. For the first we have seen in display fingerprint sensor in Vivo X21, then in Oppo Find X, and in Vivo NEX. So, this is the fourth generation of in display fingerprint sensor much secure and faster than the previous ones. Practically you have to press little harder to unlock the phone but that is something we can do for a stunning design.

Vivo V11 Cons

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Struggling Performance

vivo v11 pro review

The Vivo V11 has a powerful Soc running inside called Snapdragon 660 by Qualcomm but the optimization part is a con. There are phones with the same chipset giving better performance, even the lower CPUs are performing better than this. Vivo needs to work on this part, even the Ram management is not well optimized. If you are looking for the hardcore performance-oriented device, probably this one is not for you. There are better options available like the Poco F1, Honor Play etc.

Plastic Build

BUY NOW – Rs 25990 from Amazon

Despite the beautiful design, the Vivo V11 Pro is made up of plastic. And that’s not even the problem but when you hold it on your hand you will feel the plastic. So the Plastic build is ok but there has to be some factor making it a premium device. The Realme 1 is also made up of plastic but you will not feel the plastic there. It feels premium so it is a con that Vivo V11 Pro will look cheaper when you actually hold it.


There are not many cons to the phone than the pros. We can keep discussing it but we mentioned the only part that matters. All in all a great phone with a stunning design. But the people who don’t care about design may not be much impressed with it. But it has great design and the in display fingerprint sensor making it a revolutionary device. Tell us what do you think about it and will you buy it if you want to

Feature phones were normal candy bar sized with T9 or qwerty keypad. There was nothing extraordinary that you could do with a feature phone. We could do the ordinary task such as calling sending text and playing some casual games on it and somewhat photography. But jio changed the landscape of the feature phone market arrived in India which was named as the jio phone. Jio phone changed the way we treat or use our feature phones. Recent report has shown that jio phone has covered 27% of the market share in the feature phone market in India. This is a huge achievement for a company which is just more than 2 years old. Jio as a company has made inroads in the market of India. The jio phone was an all-out success which has led to the successor of the jio phone the jio phone 2.

A 2G phone was a great feature phone and the jio phone 2 would be good as well but jio phone has created a Monopoly in the feature phone industry of India. Which means it hasn’t faced any proper competition yet. There were some phones from some brands here and there but no brand prove to be a viable competitor to the jio phone. As proclaimed by Xiaomi India’s number one brand has decided to give competition to the jio phone with its latest offering the Xiaomi Qin AI.

jio phone

Qin AI Specifications

The Qin AI sports a 2.8-inch QVGA display with the resolution of 320 ×240 pixels. It has a T9 keyboard. It is powered by a 1.3 gigahertz dual-core processor which is supported by 256 MB of Ram and 512 GB of internal storage which is expandable via micro SD. The device will run a forked version of the Android operating system, Mocor 5, it is backed by a 1,480mAh battery.  Qin AI phone doesn’t feature a front or rear camera. Connectivity tools on the phone include Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi and GPS. It has USB Type C which is quite unique for a feature phone. It also has a 3.5 mm jack.

Price and availability

The Qin AI phone is the latest part of Xiaomi’s crowdfunding campaign. The phone is available in black and white color options and is set to ship from the 15th of September. It has been listed at a price of 199 Yuan which converts to Rs. 1,999. The phone is available in China only and there is no word buy Xiaomi on whether this phone would come to India or not.

Jio Phone Vs. Qin Ai Phone

The direct competitor to the Qin Ai is the well renowned and famous jio phone. While the Qin AI may have Jio phone’s number in terms of software as its running on Android rather than KAI OS. This allows you to install third-party APK’s which means you might get support for all major Android apps in the Qin AI. The jio phone has a quite shallow number of apps which you can use it as compared to the wider range of Android. But the thing that bugs the most is that the Qin AI does not have cameras other on the rear nor on the front. This was a very surprising step taken by Xiaomi as it is renowned to package phones with a lot of features but this phone doesn’t have the basic necessity of a camera.

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The Qin AI was something that we never saw coming. This is a competition which is highly awaited as India’s number one smartphone brand needs India’s beloved Jio. The date when the Qin AI phone would be launched is the same as the highly awaited MI mix 3 ( 15th September). It remains to be seen that can Xiaomi tackle the jio phone. So let’s wait till we get our hands on the Qin AI. As mentioned above this phone is currently available only in China and will ship from 15th of September and it remains to be seen that if or when this phone comes to India. We may get some clarity from Xiaomi on August 8th when did new smartphone the MI A2 will be launched.

Honor launched their honor play on Monday at an event in Delhi. This was originally launched in China in June this year and now they decided to bring it to India.Honor play as key highlights :

  • Kirin 970 CPU
  • Turbo GPU
  • Dual Cameras
  • 3750mah battery

Honor play is a midrange phone but has features of a flagship phone. It has kirin 970 CPU which is a flagship processor and will compete against Mi A2 which has Snapdragon 660. the phone is launched in two different variants with 4Gb Ram and 6GB Ram. Price for the two variants is Rs 19999 and Rs 23999 respectively. It has two color options Midnight Black and Navy Blue. The phone is already available for sale on Amazon India.

Click here to Buy Now

Honor Play Specifications

honor play launched with dual rear cameras and kirin 970 cpu

It has a 6.3 inches full HD+ Display with 19.5:9 aspect ratio. The display has the resolution of 1080×2340 pixels with pixel density of 409 PPI. It also has a notch on the top. Honor Play has dual rear cameras with 16 Megapixel primary camera with f/2.2 aperture and a 2 MP secondary camera with f/2.4 aperture. In the front, it has a 16 Megapixel camera with the aperture of f/2.0. It has LED and PDAF support also with EIS for stabilization. The phone runs on the powerful octa-core flagship processor HiSilicon Kirin 970 Soc. It has 4 cores clocking at 2.36 GHz and other 4 cores at 1.8 GHz. This is the high-end CPU by Huawei and that’s not enough. To solve GPU issues, Huawei recently announced about GPU Turbo and Honor Play is the first device with GPU Turbo. So, this is going to be a device meant for heavy usages like gaming and stuff.

It has EMUI 8.2 and Android 8. Oreo running inside. The phone has two Ram options 4Gb and 6GB. Both the variants have 64Gb internal storage options which can be expanded up to 256 Gb with a microSD card. It has dual nano sim support with a hybrid sim slot where you can also insert an SD card instead of sim card. Honor Play has 3750 mah battery with 9V 2A charger. There is a fingerprint sensor in the back, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor, Gravity sensor, Gyroscope and Digital compass. Connectivity options include 4G  VOLTE, Wi-Fi 802.111ac, Bluetooth 4.2, USB type C, GPS/A-GPS and thankfully a 3.5mm headphone jack.

honor play launched with dual rear cameras and kirin 970 cpu

Honor Play vs Mi A2

Honor Play is one of the best devices at its price segment but it is going to compete against Mi A2, so we need to look at what we get in both the phones side by side. Firstly, Mi A2 runs on Snapdragon 660 which is a midrange CPU whereas the Honor Play runs on a flagship CPU of Kirin 970. MiA2 does not have any headphone jack available but Honor Play gives you the option of a 3.5mm headphone jack. GPU Turbo is also a point to consider in comparison with Mi A2. Somewhere Honor Play is behind Mi A2 is in terms of cameras.

All in all, if you are looking for a camera device then you may not consider it buying otherwise honor play is the perfect device available out there. It gives you the powerful kirin 970 which gives you performance that no one provides you at this segment. Also, the GPU Turbo enhances your gaming performance.

Xiaomi has been a market leader in the past couple of years and it’s made inroads in the smartphone market of India. Their success was eminent as the products they provided were of very high quality and were priced very well.  The features, the specifications were so good that no other competitors could provide it in the price range where Xiaomi did. Even though it has faced a lot of competition over the time but it has managed to create a brand value in the minds of the Indian audience so a little bit of competition has been accounted by the brand name and the brand value it has been able to achieve or create. Xiaomi can be regarded as the game changer in the smartphone market of India. With all the goodwill Xiaomi is all set to launch the successor of its uber-popular smartphone MI A1 the Mi A2. MI A2 is scheduled to launch in India on August 8th and here is the full review of Mi A2.


mi a2 full review with pros and cons

There is a trend that Xiaomi always follows their design philosophy for a year is almost the same. In terms of design, there is nothing new. The same design just like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, Redmi Y2, and others. It has been built using a metal-unibody design just like its predecessor the Mi A1. The button placements are the same. But there are two major differences from its predecessor and other Xiaomi phones which have been launched in India. The MI A2 does not have a headphone jack and also it does not have support for microSD card.


mi a2 launch date in india

The MI A2 support a 5.99 inches full HD Plus IPS display. This supports the trendy 18:9 panel. The bezels have been shrunk to provide a bigger display in a small form factor just like the trend these days. One good thing for the users is that this phone does not have a notch. The display is the same that we have seen in the Redmi Note 5 Pro which was very good. The footprint is also almost the same as the Redmi Note 5 Pro. The display is good with very good viewing angles and the outdoor visibility is great too. No complaints with the display. Multimedia experience was good on this phone and the single-speaker to the bottom produces average sound but again the disappearance of the headphone jack is disappointing but the audio through the type C to 3.5 mm adaptor is quite good.


The MI A2 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset which is an upgrade from all its past phones. This is an excellent chipset which performs really well. The chipset was snappy, games and apps loaded fast. Casual and high-end games run very well and there was no status of Raindrops during gameplay. Also, we did not notice any major Buxarlegs in the user interface so it was smooth going all the way through. The Indian variant will have 4GB of ram and 64GB of internal storage and this phone will be sold in a single variant only.


The MI A2 as we know is an Android one phone so does the latest operating system running on it which is Android 8.1 Oreo. The user interface is stock with very nice bloatware. As this is an Android one phone software experience was excellent and the Optimisation was good too. This scheduled to get Android P but Xiaomi needs to be careful before pushing the update as the MI A1 face a lot of bugs when it got updated from Android Nougat to Oreo. Let’s hope that Xiaomi is careful with its Update and their updates come on time and without bugs but for now, the software experience is great.


Cellular reception and call quality were good. There were no issues with network reception either on cellular data or on Wi-Fi. Other tools such as GPS, hotspot, Bluetooth work really well.


mi a2 launch date in india

The Mi A2 follow the trend of 2018 which is supporting dual cameras. The Mi A2 sports a primary camera of 12 megapixels with Sony’s IMX486 sensor with f/1.75 aperture. The secondary camera is a 20 Megapixel of f/1.75 aperture (Sony’s IMX 376 sensor). The secondary camera is not a telephoto lens anymore instead it creates a burning effect, that is under low light it combines 4 pixels into 1 to allow more light and a better picture henceforth. We had high expectations with the MI A2 as the MI A1 had an excellent camera so it has big shoes to fill. and indeed it. Under good lighting conditions, the images turned out to be crossed with an ample amount of detail and good dynamic range. These pictures are pleasing to the eye as well as most of us want in the social media era.

Under low lighting thanks to the pixel binning the pictures retained a lot of detail and the noise levels for point-load to and the credit also must go to the relatively narrow f/1.75 aperture. The rear camera also has a pro mode and all of our favorite the Portrait mode. The front camera is also a 20 Megapixel sensor with a 1.75 aperture with the same lens as the secondary camera (Sony IMX 376). Thanks to the pixel binning technology again the results came out to be great. The front camera also houses an LED flash which is quite helpful when you take selfies in extreme low light conditions. So the camera just like the MI A1 with the MI A2 is a major positive.


The Mi A2 has a 3000 mAh battery, 80 mAh lesser than the Mi A1 but with a bigger display, we felt that the battery was small. Surprisingly the battery life turned out to be good. It’s nowhere close to the other Xiaomi devices in terms of battery life but it gets the job done just about. It has support for QC 4.0 but you need to buy the charger from the market which is not done. If you have a specific feature then you should provide the accessory in the box is what we feel. The battery life is average at most in the larger perspective. If you are a casual user you will not be disappointed but for heavy users, this may not be the phone or you need to carry your charger or a power back along.

Mi A2 : True Midranger ?

mi a2 launch date in india

The Mi A2 is a very promising device and it has a huge hype going around it. The Indian variant of the MI A2 will have support for quick charge 4.0 but you need to buy a charger from outside.  In the box, you will only receive a 10-watt charger. The MI A2 has Gorilla Glass 5 to the rescue for screen protection. All these features and all the hype comes at the expense of a relatively good phone but with questionable choices.

Mi A2 Cons

The two major cons with the device are that Xiaomi ditched the headphone jack and we are still not able to understand why? This isn’t true bezel-less with the screen to body ratio of mere 78%. So, we see no point in ditching the headphone jack. The second biggest con is that the MI A2 has no support for micro SD so you have to manage in the allotted internal 64GB storage. Although the performance is good the battery life is average. The 3000mah battery is not for heavy users. And, the fact that it comes with the normal charger is frustrating, the phone takes around two hours to charge from 0 to 100.


Summarising, the MI A2 comes with a lot of promise and a lot of potentials but this is not a complete package. You have performance but you don’t have that good battery life. You have a good display but you don’t have the essential to enjoy the great display as you have ditched the headphone jack. For multimedia lovers, you have to compromise on the nonexistence of a headphone jack. And if you use the adaptor, mind you these stop working very soon so be ready to buy a lot of adaptor from the market or else you can get some Bluetooth earphones or headphones.

So if cameras are ultimate priority for you and you want great performance then the MI A2 is the phone you should go for. But if you want an all-round package then you have better options in the market. Xiaomi’s own Redmi Note 5 Pro and zenfone Max Pro M1. These are phones that we can call a complete package and they will save you some money as well. The MI A2, will be priced in India from  Rs. 15,000 to 18000. More details on the pricing and availability of the MI A2 will be provided on the 8th of August.

Henceforth, the Mi A2 is close so close yet so far.

TRAI, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India could potentially ban Apple’s iPhones in India with its new DND app. This could lead to the departure of apple from India and what happens to iPhone users in India. In any case ban on iPhones in India will lead to huge losses for Apple. However, this is just a potential issue but what exactly is the story lets know.

iphones ban in india

There have been many incidences of fraud and misleading calls in recent times and TRAI wants to stop it. In the act of stopping misleading calls, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India introduced a DND app which will prevent users from fraud calls. TRAI asked Apple to put this app in their app store so that people can download it. But, Apple denied publishing the app. TRAI gets angry with Apple for this incidence and may ask SIM Card providers to stop support for iPhones.

iphones ban in india

There have been many cases in past where Apple rejected app to publish on the app store but this time they did it with TRAI. TRAI has the control over the entire Telecom sector and apple is messing with TRAI. Last year TRAI asked stores to put an app in their store to block spam calls and messages. Google added the app developed by TRAI in their Play store. This app uses users’ data like call logs and text messages.

iphones ban in india

For this Apple said that this is their policy violations. They will not allow a third party app to view user’s contacts or call logs. After this, TRAI Head R.S. Sharma stated that this is unjust and the regulator will take appropriate legal action against the company. TRAI claims that the app will provide for better control over all entities in the ecosystem and in the flow of commercial communications, besides detecting unregistered telemarketers through collaboration.

It is said that TRAI is about to do “indirectly” what it cannot do “directly” but RS Sharma denied all that but still there are beliefs that TRAI could possibly stop services for iPhones which will indirectly ban iPhones.in India

Xiaomi unveiled Mi A2 this Tuesday in Spain but when it is coming to India? Mi A2 India launch date confirmed by Xiaomi. Mi A2 is stock android based smartphone certified under android one program of Google. It has more hype than Redmi Note 5 pro because it has some great features than later.

Xiaomi India head Manu Kumar Jain unveiled the launch date of Mi A2. Mi A2 will launch in India on August 8. There is one more news that Mi A2 4 GB Ram 32 GB Storage variant will not be coming to India. So the 64 GB variant will be entry level Mi A2 in India. It is not confirmed whether the 6 GB Ram 128 GB variant will be coming to India or not.

Mi A2 Price and Availability

mi a2 launch date in india

We don’t know the Indian pricing by now but We have the European pricing which can be converted into INR. 3 GB / 32 GB variant costs EUR 249 which approxes around Rs 20000 but this won’t be coming to India. 4 GB Ram and 64 GB storage variant is priced for EUR 279 (roughly around Rs 23000), So we can expect Indian pricing to be around this. 6 GB variant is priced for EUR 349 approxing Rs 28000. We can expect the price to be somewhere around Rs 25000. There are three color options we know by now as Black, Gold, and Blue. Rose Gold color will also be added to the Indian variant.

Mi A2 Specifications

mi a2 launch date in india

Mi A2 has a 5.99 inches Full HD+ Display with the resolution of 1080×2160 pixels. There is 2.5D curved glass protected with Gorilla Glass 5. It’s an 18:9 AMOLED panel. The phone has a metal build and unibody design with minimal bezels. Thankfully there is no notch on top. The phone runs on stock Android-based android 8.1. The best thing is there is no MiUI in this series as it is under Google’s android one program. Mi A2 is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Soc coupled with Adreno 512 GPU. For power, there is a 3010 mah battery with the support of Quick Charge 4. The company provides a 10W charger, so you have to buy a fast charger on your own.

Mi A2 Camera

mi a2 launch date in india

Mi A1 has one of the best cameras in its segment. A1 was popularly known for its camera and A2 is also continuing the trend with its cameras. At Rear, the Dual camera setup looks similar to Redmi Note 5 Pro. It consists of a 12-megapixel Sony IMX486 with f/1.75 aperture and 1.25-micron pixels, and a 20-megapixel secondary Sony IMX376 sensor with f/1.75 aperture and a 2-micron 4-in-1 Super Pixel size. In the front, a 20-megapixel Sony IMX376 selfie camera with f/1.75 aperture, fixed focal length, and a soft-LED flash is seen. The camera delivers great performance.

Connectivity Options include USB type C, 3.5mm headphone jack, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth etc. There are the accelerometer, ambient light sensor, gyroscope, and proximity sensor.


All in all Mi A2 is a great phone promising great performance with beautiful design and stock Android UI. At its segment powerful Snapdragon 660 and android one based phone will provide you with quick updates. If you are looking for an overall well-packaged phone Mi A2 is the best option.