nirmal dwivedi
Nirmal Dwivedi – Founder of Gadgets to Know

Nirmal Dwivedi is the Founder and CEO of gadgets to know a platform where we showcase the best tech that matters to you. Gadgets to know present you with the best reviews and opinion on smartphones, gadgets, and technology news.

Nirmal Dwivedi started his career in Blogging when he discovered the fact that he loves writing. Writing is something that you have to do in blogging. Nirmal Dwivedi is a Blogger, Content Writer, Youtuber, Influencer, and a friend that you are looking for. His interest for smartphones and gadgets is such that you can compare it with blogging. Smartphones are something that attracts him more than anything in the world. Every smartphone launching with something innovative idea in it or some new concept makes him happy and interested in the phone.

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