FINGERS 2B Musi Addicto Neckband Launched with 20 hours battery


FINGERS 2B Musi Addicto launched recently with a very huge battery life of 20 hours making it very unique and exciting product in the market.

FINGERS is dominating the accessories market with its amazing and unique products. Recently we got our hands on their Go Duet Pods and now they just launched a new product. The new product from this brand FINGERS is named very uniquely. Its called 2B Musi Addict. We are kind of surprised to see such kind of naming and advise them to have a much memorable name. But, anyway, ist a neckband which gives you an amazing battery life of 20 hours.

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Here are FINGERS 2B Musi Addicto Price and Specifications

FINGERS 2B Musi Addicto Price & Specifications

It is priced for Rs 2,199 as MRP but it should be somewhere lower than that. We don’t have its retail price yet but you can always check the FINGERS’ website for the updates. This is my imagination that the price should be somewhere around Rs 2,000 and it should be a very competitive price considering the specifications.

First things first, something that attracts us all is the battery life. they claim to give us an astonishing battery life of 20 hours. And, we are not talking about the standby time, this is the playback time. This is because they have dual batteries on both sides. And, these batteries claim to provide you with such a huge battery life. It is quite lightweight too and easily fitting in the ears. The shape of earbuds is kind of angular which should easily fit into ears.

It has impressive bass and adaptive sound. There is Bluetooth 5.0 technology there and EDR support. We will have to check how does it sound in our full review section but for now this is a neckband with a huge battery life of 20 hours.

So, if you are looking for earphones with a huge battery life then it could be the solution that you were looking for.

Let us know your thoughts about this neckband called FINGERS 2B Musi Addicto.


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