Fingers Sugar n Spice Over the Ears Contrasting Headphones full Review


Fingers Sugar n Spice over the ears contrasting headphones have such an amazing contrasting color on both the ear cups with stunning sound and amazing build.

A new Accessories brand Fingers entered the market with some exciting accessories like earphones, power bank, headphones, charger, speakers, etc. here we have Fingers Suger n Spice an over the ears headset which has contrasting color options. I have been using this headset for the past one week and here is what I feel about this. my name is Nirmal Dwivedi and you are reading gadgets To Know where we post some amazing content related to Smartphones and Gadgets on the web.

Price and specifications

the headphones are priced for Rs 2199 which is mentioned on the box. You will get it on both online and offline stores. They have partnered with major e-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. And, they are also selling it via offline stores that is why the price seems a bit higher side.

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This is the world’s first headset with contrasting colors adding some flavor of colors to the sound. We get sensational sound with the bass tuned for Indian ears. The headset is comfortable and soft design with foldability being awesome. These headphones give up to 4 hours of battery with one charge. also, there are different options like Bluetooth, FM, Aux, Sd card, etc.

Box Contents

Fingers sugar n spice

I have also made an unboxing video which you can find on our youtube channel with the same name and if you are just looking for the box contents these are the things they provide with the Fingers Sugar n Spice.

  • the Headset
  • AUX Cable
  • USB to Micro USB Charging cable
  • User Guide

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FINGERS Sugar n Spice Contrasting Headphones

Build and Design


The headset has a pretty fantastic design with contrasting color options on both the ear cups. This is something new they have tried and being innovative always keeps you ahead in the competition. The colors look amazing and the overall build is really nice. The whole headset is made up of plastic that makes it super lightweight. Ear cups are of over the ears type and have the contrasting colors on the outer side. We have five buttons namely Power button, Play/Pause, next, previous, and a button to switch modes on the left side of the headphones. You also get a 3.5mm jack to connect it via the AUX Cable if the battery drains. Fingers Sugar n Spice is foldable in case you want to carry it in your bag.


Fingrs sugar n spice

coming to the main part let us discuss the sound quality of these headphones as you are paying handsome money for it. All I can say is design could be not up to the mark which of course is but the sound quality is perfect. You get high bass especially designed for Indian ears with the taste of Indian music. you get clear vocals and mids and highs are even clear. The overall sound quality is pretty fantastic as this is the main part we are buying it. Noise Cancellation is great that you won’t hear any outside noise.


Fingers sugar n spice

Let’s say Design is great and you also get an amazing sound quality but what about the comfort. Comfortability is another aspect you cannot ignore because if you are using a particular device, how long can you use it? You have a soft cushion on both the ear cups that are quite comfortable for your ears. And also you have the soft cushion on the headband which gives comfort to your head too. They have taken care of comfortability in all aspects. When I used them for the first time I started feeling a bit of pain on outer ears after a few minutes but then it became comfortable. That is because I tried something different after a long time and my ears were used to earbuds.


We have an amazing build, stunning design, fantastic sound and even comfortable but what about final wording? Are these headphones worth buying for this price?

To be honest, they feel a bit costlier side but you also get some innovative design and innovation comes with a price. So, the design is the main highlight here and unique too. And, is you are one who like contrasting design, you are going to love this design and sound quality is something cannot be ignored. You will not complain about the sound quality and there are different modes like FM and SD Card too.

Alongside these headphones Fingers also launched 40 New products including 6 for the first time in India.

Click here to know all these products from Fingers.

Competition is stiff and growing very rapidly, let us see if these headphones Fingers Sugar n Spice survive in the long run?

let us know your thought about this new brand FINGERS in the comments.


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