Top 5 Best Earphones under rupees 500 in 2019

earphones under 500

top 5 Best earphones under rupees 500 include the best earphones from Boat 225 and Realme buds as the best among Mi basics, JBL and Leaf too.

Smartphones are great and the market is expanding day by day but something that is expanding too is the market for earphones. earphones are the most used accessory with the smartphones and most of the people prefer best earphones under rupees 500 especially in a country like India. there was a time when we used to get a package of earphones with the box of the phone itself. now, with the increase in competition every brand is trying to produce the best smartphone sand being very competitive in the features. this, in turn, leads to phones without the free earphones in order to reduce the cost. But we3 as a consumer need Earphones. Here we are with the Top 5 Best Earphones under rupees 500 in India.

My name is Nirmal Dwivedi here at Gadgets to Know and I am not saying that you should follow me blindly but you must take care of a few things before you buy any earphones of your choice. Whether you pick any products from this list of Top 5 Best earphones under rupees 500 but make sure that your earphones have these three important features.

  • Don’t buy Wireless earphones under 500
  • Must have a mic with earphones
  • must be durable

Best earphones under Rupees 500

5. JBL C50HI


Here in this list at number five we have some great earphones from JBL. Firstlky, we all know how great thye sound quality is from JBL nad these are probably the cheapest earphones from JBL. These have such an amazing build that you will fell in love with JBL and the sound quality is amazing especially the bass. the bass is good and he JBL Branding cannot be ignored. Definitely, this is a great pick under rupees 500.

Buy Now – RS 499

2. Boat Basshead 152 &162


These are the best earphones under rupees 500 from the boat and there is one more BOAT BASSHEADS 225 you can pick but they cost a little bit more than rupees 500. These earphones from Boat are giving 1-year replacement warranty that gives you an added advantage over others. The build quality is really great and the sound output is too good with the 10mm driver. These earphones are durable in the long run and the Boat branding is always there.

Buy Now -RS 499

3. Leaf metal earphones


This one is really amazing especially when a brand from India is giving toe to toe competition to such a big MNCs like JBL and Boat. Leaf Metal earphones are definitely one of the best earphones under rupees 500 and as the name suggest they come with metallic casing. There is 10mm driver to produce great sound and the bass is really great. This is an overall well-packaged product with the great build and great performance from Leaf.

buy Now – RS 499

2. Mi basics earphones

Best earphones under 500

Xiaomi is great and as are their earphones, yes here we have the MI basics earphones only for Rs 399 but as we have the list of best earphones under rupees 500 they are at number two doing a great job. They have a 10mm driver to beat the competition and the build is metallic giving better results than other competing brands. The sound quality with the Mi branding is really impressive and something great again, there is an L-shape 3.5mm connection that enhances its life.

Buy NOW – RS 399

1. Realme Buds

realme earbuds full review

We have discussed a lot of earphones so far but there is still a great brand yet remained and that is the newcomer realme. realme Buds are just amazing and way better than any other earphones under rupees 500. We3 have such a great build with kevlar coating on the cable and such a long cable. There are magnetic angular buds that make it unique and the bass is really heavy. Thanks to the 11mm driver that is present in only this one under this segment. realme buds produce a great output overall and a great buy. However, there is a major problem that the 3.5mm connector is not the gold plated one.

Realme buds Full review with pros And cons

Buy Now – RS 499

For me, realme buds are the best earphones under rupees 500 at least after using them for three-four months. yes, they are the best one and some great options are Mi basics and LEAF Metal. Some people may go for JBL and Boat too which are also great options.

All I can say is that these are some of the best earphones under rupees 500.

So, now you have to decide which one you want to buy.

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