Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review with Pros and Cons, S10, S10E Review


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review with Pros and Cons

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is here with the Ultrasonic In Display Fingerprint sensor, Wireless fast Charging, Snapdragon 855 Soc, Power Share 2.0 and a lot more. And, here we are with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review with Pros and Cons.

The Smartphone Giant Samsung dropped this year’s flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, S10 and S10E in the market before the MWC2019. These are the smartphone going to be the flagship standard for most of 2019. Being a smart company Samsung again comes up with a new flagship with their Note series to capture the market in the second half. Till now we had the Huawei Mate 20 Pro considered as the Flagship but now the S series is ready to be the new market leader. And this is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review with Pros and Cons

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Price and Specifications

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is priced for Rs 73,900 in India for the 128GB model and 91,500 for the 512GB option. The phone is available for pre-bookings in Amazon India with some offers too. There are majorly Black, White and Blue colors available here.

The phone has Triple Rear Camera with 16MP Primary sensor with f/2.2 aperture, a 12MP secondary sensor with the variable aperture of f/1.5 to f/2.4and another 12MP sensor with f/2.aperture. In the front, it has a 10MP f/1.9 sensor and another 8MP f/2.2 sensor. There is a Super AMOLED screen with no Notch and a 4100 mah battery. The phone comes with Android 9 Pie and Snapdragon 855 Soc. There is 8GB ram and up to 1TB of storage with expandability up to 512GB. Enough of the specifications, now let us discuss the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review with Pros and Cons.

Samsung Galaxy S10 PLus Review with Pros and Cons:



Gorgeous Design

Samsung Galaxy S10 plus review with pros and cons

Samsung redesigned the Display entirely with this new Samsung galaxy S10 Plus. There isn’t any notch or anything like that but something new. Samsung prefers to call it Infinity O Display where they have put a hole on Display to place the Selfie camera and sensors. This is not a regular punch hole like we have seen in Samsung Galaxy A8S or Honor V20. Because this one has space for two cameras being of an olive shape. This looks gorgeous. the back panel is completely Glass supporting Wireless charging and Power Share and has the triple camera set up.

Beautiful Display

The smartphone has an Infinity O Display with the Super AMOLED panel. There is a 6.4-inches QHD+ screen with the resolution of 3040×1440 pixels. This gives us the Pixel Density of 522 Pixels per inch. The Display is completely bezel-less as there is no notch or any chin because the front camera and the fingerprint sensor both are embedded within the display.

Ultra Wide Intelligent Camera

Samsung Galaxy S10 plus review with pros and cons

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has the Triple Camera set up in the rear with 16MP,12MP, and another 12MP sensor. This gives us 123 degrees of field of view making an ultra wide camera. The footage captured is really stunning and wide. Also, the cameras are intelligent enough to automatically adjust the camera settings to optimize the footage as per conditions.

Dual Aperture Mode

We already discussed the camera a lot but the camera has Dual Aperture Mode. The camera adjusts automatically as per the light and gives you the best optimization possible. It takes multiple pictures and combines them to give you one perfect shot. Be it day or night, you can take the best out of this camera set up.

24-hour Intelligent Battery

The S10 Plus has massive 4100 mah battery to power the whole phone. This easily lasts a day and left with enough juice to power even your next day. Samsung has optimized its battery so well that it goes for the 24-hour cycle. There is Adaptive power saving mode and it powers down the apps that you don’t need.


The latest Snapdragon 855 Processor from Qualcomm powers the whole smartphone and for some parts like India the phone is powered by Samsung’s own Exynos 9820 Soc. The major difference here is that the SD 855 is a 7nm CPU whereas the Exynos 9820 is an 8nm processor. Sadly we are not getting the 7nm, 855 in India but 9820 isn’t a bad CPU. There is 8GB of Ram to store your games and applications.

Ultrasonic Fingerprint

Samsung Galaxy S10 plus review with pros and cons

The phone includes an In Display Fingerprint sensor and this one is Ultrasonic one.  We have seen the similar sensor on Huawei Mate 20 Pro and that works tremendously fast. It is not as fast as regular ones but quite faster than the Optical sensors. The benefit is like if you can unlock your phone even with dust, water, and Greece on your hand. Also, the phone has Water and Dustproof Certifications.

Wireless Powershare

Samsung Galaxy S10 plus review with pros and cons

Firstly, the phone has Wireless Charging support and after all, there is Power share 2.0 support. Suppose if you have a device supporting Wireless Charging, you can Powershare with your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus say you can charge Huawei Mate 20 Pro, S10, Samsung Earbuds etc. And, with the Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 you can charge your S10 Plus faster than ever. The Reverse Wireless Charging is Awesome.


  • The smartphone has Ultrasonic In Display Fingerprint sensor that uses 3D Image of your Fingerprint to compare it with the one it has in its memory and unlocks the phone. But there might be some issue if you have a screen protector on your phone. It works fine with the Screen protectors that you get with a branded and heavy price. But if you buy a cheap tempered glass from a nearby store, there are chances that this may not work as fast as it shall.
  • Looking at the size of a smartphone being 6.4-inches, if the phone had a more powerful battery like the 1500 or 5000 mah, this would have been far better. The 4100 mah is not a bad number but it could have been improved.
  • The phone allows you to expand the storage up to 512GB but it has hybrid Sim Slot. We are not saying that you need to expand storage considering the 128GB with the base model. But, suppose if you have some data in your SD card and you have to transfer it in your phone with the two Sim Cards on it.
  • The smartphone does not have the IRIS scanner which may be an issue for some people but we have the UltraSonic Fingerprint Sensor. But some people who are used to the IRIS Scanner may be disappointed but you have to get used to it.
  • Gain, we have the Samsung One UI which is quite better than Stock Android but not Stock Android. The reason why we focus so much on Stock Android is the updates, the lightweight UI and Google’s support for it.
  • Samsung gives you Fast Wireless Charging but it comes with Quick Chege 2.0 only. There could have been Quick Charge 3.0 or 4.0 but no we have 2.0 only.
  • There is one problem with the Samsung itself not with the S10 Plus but Samsung as a whole. This is that Samsung is quite slow in providing updates. So you have wait until next year or more to get the next Android Version in the S10 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S10 plus review with pros and cons

The Verdict

Since we have discussed a lot in the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review with Pros and Cons, the smartphone is quite familiar now but what is the overall verdict? To be honest, this is the perfect smartphone that we need having all the specs and features needed. The phone has a gorgeous design and displays with a powerful processor coupled with AI and a lot more. The Reverse Wireless Charging and Fast Charging is awesome. But we will not get Snapdragon 855 version in India that is very sad. And the good thing is that it does not even matter The phone will compete against Huawei Mate 20 Pro, iPhone XS Max, and likes of Pixel devices. But the good thing is it is the latest of all and we are also expecting the Oneplus 7 in a month or two.

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After all this, “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review with Pros and Cons“, What do you think of this device in the Indian market?



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