Realme Earbuds Full Review Heavy Bass in Budget Segment

realme earphones review

Realme Earbuds Full Review with the pros and Cons. This is the perfect Earbuds for you, really? Here we are with the full review of the earphones. This is because the Oppo sub-brand Realme has entered the earphone market and now everyone is discussing these earphones.

So, hey everyone my name is Nirmal and here I am with the Realme Earbuds Full Review after using them for last few days (more than a week).

I miss those days when brands used to provide earphones with the box itself but it feels too 2016 now.  We are not here to criticize brands for not providing earphone but this leads to a problem that we all need earphones. And the solution is that we have to buy budget earphones that is somewhere around Rs 500 and for some people around Rs 1,000. With this problem in the market brands like Xiaomi, Oneplus started manufacturing earphones and selling them separately. And, now Realme has also joined them with their Realme Earbuds in the market.

Realme Earbuds Full Review with and pros anad cons


  • Budget Earphones for INR 499
  • Magnetic Earbuds
  • 11MM Speaker Size
  • A frequency rate of 20-20,000Hz

Here is Realme Earbuds Full Review:

Realme Earbuds Full Review


realme earbuds full review

Packaging is something you consider among the first impression. And you will get a positive initial impression with the packaging of these earphones. Realme has done great work in the packaging part of these earphones. Well! You can check our unboxing om Youtube to get the actual idea of these Earphones. Actually, we got a pretty well-packaged box of earphones and when we opened it there is another box inside where earphones are placed in one side and on the other side we have some extra earbuds and a Quick Start Guide document. We have medium sized buds in the earphones and a pair of small and large size as an extra.

Build & Design

realme earbuds full review

Realme Earbuds have a pretty decent build but actually, are made up of plastic. It looks premium and the Realme logo looks quite good in the earphones with magnetic style. Yes! You read it right these earbuds are of the magnetic kind. And they have pretty strong magnets. This feels quite satisfying when you do it again and again with the magnets. The Earbuds are angular due to which they won’t fall apart from your ears. But the buds are a bit hard making them harsh on your ears when you use them for a longer time. There is a mic and play/pause, next, and previous buttons too. These buttons are too hard to press. So maybe you have to use your nails.

Now, something more important we get is a kevlar Coating on the cable. It is quite surpring to see kevlar coating here on these Earbuds as most of the earphones with kevlar coating are priced quite high. And Realme is giving you kevlar under Rs 500 but there is no kevlar on the cable after the joint, the point from where two earbuds separate. It becomes a downgrade point but something great again, we have a rubberized coating on the cable joints with the buds and connector. This is the point from where the chances of damage are high and Realme seems to understand it. But again there is no Gold plating on the 3.5mm connector.


realme earbuds full review

We can leave the build and design part but something we want more importantly is a great performance from any product we buy. So here is my opinion on these Realme Earbuds. The sound is quite loud. There is a heavy bass in these Realme Earbuds. There is some issue in highs and mids and in the troubles too. You will not get high-quality sound but the high sound. It is quite obvious that you are not looking high-quality sound at this price. So there is no much complaint about the performance of these Earbuds.

Value for Money

Definitely, these Earbuds are a Value for money product. You get amazing build and high base with the Realme branding. A brand that made its name in a few months for the products they have brought up and satisfied the customer base they have. I am quite satisfied with the performance of these earbuds for the last few days. Realme Earbuds Full Review does indicate the importance and quality of these earphones in the market.


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Now let us come to the main question whether you should buy these earphones or not? If you are looking for overall earphones under 500 rupees then definitely you should pick Realme earbuds being one of the best earphones. But if you want more quality sound then this is not the option but these Earbuds are an all-round performance oriented gadget. I recommend these earphones under Rs 500 with the options available here in the market. After the Realme Earbuds Full Review still I feel these are the best in the competition.

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What do you think of these Realme earbuds?

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