Top 10 Must have Apps for Mumbaikars

must have apps

We all spend most of our time with our phone and the time spent is immensely
increasing. And if you live in Mumbai, life is always on the Go. To simplify your life and
make it easy with these useful apps for Mumbaikars that you should have to make your life simple in Mumbai. Here we are with “top 10 must-have apps for Mumbaikars”.
These are some must-have apps for Mumbaikars and apps that will simplify your life. Every
Mumbaikar must have these apps as this would make it easy for you to finding places,
discover new places, travel and a lot more. TheseĀ are the most useful apps for Mumbaikars
Here are top 10 must-have apps for Mumbaikars


1. Google Maps

must have apps for mumbaikars

This is not the app for Mumbaikars but every Mumbaikar needs this and Guess what if you
are using an Android phone, you already have it. There is a reason to it we stress so much
attention to this app as 8 out of 10 people find it difficult to find a place in Mumbai. So here
Google Maps is one of the most useful apps for Mumbaikars to find places. You can find
direction to your destination, explore your nearby area and not only that but things like finding
a restaurant, a massage center etc.with the best ratings from users.
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2. UTS tickets

UTS is another app that every Mumbaikar should have as the population is so huge in
Mumbai, you will always find huge lines in ticket booking counters. To solve this UTS helps
you book your Railway tickets on the go. This is supported by IRCTC so no issues with the
ticket booking. This is the perfect solution to long waiting lines for ticket bookings. All you
need is an app and now with this app, you can save your time of ticket booking. Sometimes
you miss the train just because you were standing in a queue. Now you will not regret it. This
makes UTS one of the most useful apps for Mumbaikars.
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3. M-indicator

must have apps for mumbaikars

When it comes to railways every Mumbaikar will tell you to download this app called m
indicator especially those who travel with locals. And you will rarely find a Mumbaikar who is
not traveling or traveled by Mumbai Local. And Mindicator is all you need to know the lifeline
of Mumbai the Mumbai local. You will find time table, fares etc.of Mumbai Local. Not only the
locals but you will find details of Buses, Rikshaw, Cabs, Metro, Monorail etc. All you need to
do is install this app and you will love it. This is just a must have and the most useful app for
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4. Zomato

must have apps for mumbaikars

Zomato is a food app and it is awesome. It is difficult to find a restaurant and order food but
Zomato helps you with that. It becomes one of the most useful apps for Mumbaikars as there
is always a nearby restaurant with different search filters and ratings. There are a few other
food apps too but Zomato is useful as they always keep running some promotional
campaigns offering discounts. So to order food online Zomato is one of the most useful apps
for Mumbaikars. Also, you can use UberEats being one of the best apps for online food
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5. Ola Cabs

must have apps for mumbaikars

If you like to travel by road then Ola is a great option. Ola Cabs allows you to book cabs
online. Now another question comes why not go with Uber or Meru? Well! You can go with
these too but we have reasons to recommend you Ola Cabs. Ola cabs offer you cheap
prices and different plans like mini, micro, prime etc. And the main reason Ola could be the
best is the option of Auto Rickshaw. The option of Auto is like heaven for short distance
travels at a cheap price.
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6. Paytm

must have apps for mumbaikars

Now in this era of the digital world, most of the vendors accept online payments. And even you don’t
want to carry huge cash with you, right? Especially when you have the option of making
digital payment. Paytm is a Mobile wallet but capable of doing a lot of things. You can make
payments just by scanning a QR Code. Paytm also allows you to do a lot of bookings like
train and bus tickets, flight tickets, movie tickets etc. Also, there is an option of making and
receiving payments via UPI too. PhonePe is another app that you can use in a similar
fashion. But Paytm is one of the most useful apps for Mumbaikars or anyone.
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7. BookmyShow

must have apps for mumbaikars

Well, you can book your Movie tickets using Paytm wallet but if you are looking an app just
for booking movie tickets online then there is BookmyShow. You can find the latest movies,
shows, stand up shows, theatre drama etc. in your nearby locations and book tickets. Also,
you can book sports shows online. The reason BookmyShow is perfect application is that it
shows you ratings and reviews from different people helping you to make the perfect
weekend plan.
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8. UrbanClap

must have apps for mumbaikars


UrbanClap is actually the most useful app for every Mumbaikar. Sometimes it’s difficult to go
out for a service that you need. So here is the solution in the form of UrbanClap. You can
have Salon, make-up, haircut, the spa at your home. Also, you can find fitness trainers, yoga
trainers, electricians, any kind of repair work from your home. If you are tired of finding this kind
of services, you can install this app and make your life easy.
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9. Practo

must have apps for mumbaikars

Whether you accept it or not but every now and then we need a doctor. Not necessarily
when you fall ill but for a regular health check-up, you may consult a doctor. Practo helps you find a perfect doctor, a specialist or any kind of medical service. It is always difficult to find a
good doctor and Practo is one of the most useful apps for Mumbaikars to find a perfect
doctor in such a crowded city. Download it now.
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10. Grow

must have apps for mumbaikars

Saving is good but it is waste if you are not properly investing it. And coming to investments,
Mutual Fund is a great option. Grow helps you to invest your money properly in Mutual
Funds and that too hassle-free. Yes! You can start investing in mutual funds without any paperwork and Grow helps you with that. You can invest any amount any time and track it.
Also, you can withdraw your investment whenever you want.
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So these are the apps that every Mumbaikar should have but some of which are general
apps that everyone should have. We cannot say these are the must-have apps for
Mumbaikars but for all. Apps like Zomato and Ola Cabs are must-have apps and any app
that help you make your life easy is must have. Most useful apps for Mumbaikars are the one like M-indicator, UrbanClap, Practo, BookmyShow, Paytm etc.


Let us know which one did you like from this list of “Must have apps for Mumbaikars”?



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