Mi A2 Review : So Close yet so far

Xiaomi has been a market leader in the past couple of years and it’s made inroads in the smartphone market of India. Their success was eminent as the products they provided were of very high quality and were priced very well.  The features, the specifications were so good that no other competitors could provide it in the price range where Xiaomi did. Even though it has faced a lot of competition over the time but it has managed to create a brand value in the minds of the Indian audience so a little bit of competition has been accounted by the brand name and the brand value it has been able to achieve or create. Xiaomi can be regarded as the game changer in the smartphone market of India. With all the goodwill Xiaomi is all set to launch the successor of its uber-popular smartphone MI A1 the Mi A2. MI A2 is scheduled to launch in India on August 8th and here is the full review of Mi A2.


mi a2 full review with pros and cons

There is a trend that Xiaomi always follows their design philosophy for a year is almost the same. In terms of design, there is nothing new. The same design just like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, Redmi Y2, and others. It has been built using a metal-unibody design just like its predecessor the Mi A1. The button placements are the same. But there are two major differences from its predecessor and other Xiaomi phones which have been launched in India. The MI A2 does not have a headphone jack and also it does not have support for microSD card.



The MI A2 support a 5.99 inches full HD Plus IPS display. This supports the trendy 18:9 panel. The bezels have been shrunk to provide a bigger display in a small form factor just like the trend these days. One good thing for the users is that this phone does not have a notch. The display is the same that we have seen in the Redmi Note 5 Pro which was very good. The footprint is also almost the same as the Redmi Note 5 Pro. The display is good with very good viewing angles and the outdoor visibility is great too. No complaints with the display. Multimedia experience was good on this phone and the single-speaker to the bottom produces average sound but again the disappearance of the headphone jack is disappointing but the audio through the type C to 3.5 mm adaptor is quite good.


The MI A2 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset which is an upgrade from all its past phones. This is an excellent chipset which performs really well. The chipset was snappy, games and apps loaded fast. Casual and high-end games run very well and there was no status of Raindrops during gameplay. Also, we did not notice any major Buxarlegs in the user interface so it was smooth going all the way through. The Indian variant will have 4GB of ram and 64GB of internal storage and this phone will be sold in a single variant only.


The MI A2 as we know is an Android one phone so does the latest operating system running on it which is Android 8.1 Oreo. The user interface is stock with very nice bloatware. As this is an Android one phone software experience was excellent and the Optimisation was good too. This scheduled to get Android P but Xiaomi needs to be careful before pushing the update as the MI A1 face a lot of bugs when it got updated from Android Nougat to Oreo. Let’s hope that Xiaomi is careful with its Update and their updates come on time and without bugs but for now, the software experience is great.


Cellular reception and call quality were good. There were no issues with network reception either on cellular data or on Wi-Fi. Other tools such as GPS, hotspot, Bluetooth work really well.

Mi A2 Review – Camera

Rear Camera Review with pros and cons


The Mi A2 follow the trend of 2018 which is supporting dual cameras. The Mi A2 sports a primary camera of 12 megapixels with Sony’s IMX486 sensor with f/1.75 aperture. The secondary camera is a 20 Megapixel of f/1.75 aperture (Sony’s IMX 376 sensor). The secondary camera is not a telephoto lens anymore instead it creates a burning effect, that is under low light it combines 4 pixels into 1 to allow more light and a better picture henceforth. We had high expectations with the MI A2 as the MI A1 had an excellent camera so it has big shoes to fill. and indeed it. Under good lighting conditions, the images turned out to be crossed with an ample amount of detail and good dynamic range. These pictures are pleasing to the eye as well as most of us want in the social media era.

Under low lighting thanks to the pixel binning the pictures retained a lot of detail and the noise levels for point-load to and the credit also must go to the relatively narrow f/1.75 aperture. The rear camera also has a pro mode and all of our favorite the Portrait mode.

Front Camera

The front camera is also a 20 Megapixel sensor with a 1.75 aperture with the same lens as the secondary camera (Sony IMX 376). Thanks to the pixel binning technology again the results came out to be great. The front camera also houses an LED flash which is quite helpful when you take selfies in extreme low light conditions. So the camera just like the MI A1 with the MI A2 is a major positive.


The Mi A2 has a 3000 mAh battery, 80 mAh lesser than the Mi A1 but with a bigger display, we felt that the battery was small. Surprisingly the battery life turned out to be good. It’s nowhere close to the other Xiaomi devices in terms of battery life but it gets the job done just about. It has support for QC 4.0 but you need to buy the charger from the market which is not done. If you have a specific feature then you should provide the accessory in the box is what we feel. The battery life is average at most in the larger perspective. If you are a casual user you will not be disappointed but for heavy users, this may not be the phone or you need to carry your charger or a power back along.

Mi A2 Review with Pros and Cons – A midrange phone?

mi a2 launch date in india

The Mi A2 is a very promising device and it has a huge hype going around it. The Indian variant of the MI A2 will have support for quick charge 4.0 but you need to buy a charger from outside.  In the box, you will only receive a 10-watt charger. The MI A2 has Gorilla Glass 5 to the rescue for screen protection. All these features and all the hype comes at the expense of a relatively good phone but with questionable choices.

Mi A2 Cons

  • The two major cons with the device are that Xiaomi ditched the headphone jack and we are still not able to understand why? This isn’t true bezel-less with the screen to body ratio of mere 78%. So, we see no point in ditching the headphone jack.
  • The second biggest con is that the MI A2 has no support for micro SD so you have to manage in the allotted internal 64GB storage.
  • Although the performance is good the battery life is average. The 3000mah battery is not for heavy users.
  •  And, the fact that it comes with the normal charger is frustrating, the phone takes around two hours to charge from 0 to 100.



Summarising, the MI A2 comes with a lot of promise and a lot of potentials but this is not a complete package. You have performance but you don’t have that good battery life. You have a good display but you don’t have the essential to enjoy the great display as you have ditched the headphone jack. For multimedia lovers, you have to compromise on the nonexistence of a headphone jack. And if you use the adaptor, mind you these stop working very soon so be ready to buy a lot of adaptor from the market or else you can get some Bluetooth earphones or headphones.

So if cameras are ultimate priority for you and you want great performance then the MI A2 is the phone you should go for. But if you want an all-round package then you have better options on the market. Xiaomi’s own Redmi Note 5 Pro and Zenfone Max Pro M1. These are phones that we can call a complete package and they will save you some money as well. The MI A2 will be priced in India from  Rs. 15,000 to 18000. More details on the pricing and availability of the MI A2 will be provided on the 8th of August.

Henceforth, the Mi A2 review with pros and cons is close so close yet so far.



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